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Things to Consider when Selecting a Material for your Ottawa, ON Stone Fire Pit

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Sometimes, it’s best to enjoy the warmth of a fire to warm up your hands and dry your snow wet boots than it is to close the door on your outdoor spaces for the colder weather, and a fire pit is definitely an excellent addition to your landscape design for doing so. The look and feel of natural stone is ideal for a stone fire pit, but there are a few things that should be kept in mind when approaching a project such as this, particularly in the selection of materials. Here we’ll look at some of the things you should pay attention to when selecting a type and style of block for your Ottawa fire pit.

Size and shape

The size and shape of the block used in your fire pit should be chosen based on several factors. A flat stacked slab is good for bringing additional visual texture to outdoor spaces. An excellent example is the unique, stacked look of Unilock’s Rivercrest fire pit kit. This shape works best with large, simple patio pavers, as the effect created when paired with smaller pavers can be quite busy. For a bigger, bolder look, Brussels Dimensional Stone fire pit kit, provides a thick, sturdy look that will complement finer detailed pavers and can be used in combination with bulkier pavers as well. Another aspect of shape to take into consideration is whether or not it fits the design of your fire pit. A circular fire pit, for example, will require a flared block for best results while a geometric design will require precision cut blocks. Fortunately, Unilock has you covered for uniformity and precision for both options.

Color and Texture

The color and texture of your fire pit material should also be chosen by taking into account the rest of your hardscape design, as well as the colors and theme of your architecture and landscape. Complementary or matching colors in relation to your patio pavers, predominant plantings and the exterior color scheme of your home are a must. In the same way, corresponding texture should be chosen as well. Smooth, flat patio pavers for example can be balanced with a more naturalistic and rugged selection of stone for your fire pit and vice versa. The Sunset Fire Pit Kit provides a good combination of subtle, earthy red and blue undertones, as well as the rough texture and tumbled, characterful look of Brussel’s Dimensional Stone.


Another thing you can count on Unilock is the durability of the material. While natural stone is a tempting option for a fire pit, the heat of the fire can be enough to crack or even cause stone to shatter, especially if the moisture of rain or snow has seeped into the rock. Unilock’s concrete products provide the durability necessary to withstand the heat of flames as well as the freeze/thaw processes of winter so that your fire pit lasts a lifetime. The best part of it is, our range of retaining wall products used for our fire pit designs remains nearly indistinguishable from natural stone, with all the authentic textures and details plus a whole lot more strength.

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