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Now is the Perfect Time to add a Unilock Fire Pit to your Patio in St. Louis, MO

When the summer days come to an end, you might think you’ll have to put you St. Louis, MO, outdoor space to rest. However, with all the opportunities offered by landscape design today, you can extend your outdoor use even longer. Unilock offers the possibility to enhance your patio with a fire pit area and enjoy your patio year-round. Here are the benefits of installing a fire pit this season:

Enjoy the Transition from Summer to Winter

Spending your time outdoors next to a warm fire and enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature during the change in season will create unforgettable memories. An outdoor fire pit is one of the most desirable features among homeowners because it creates an inviting atmosphere. Fire pits are ideal for cooler weather and provide a powerful, even heat source for patios.
To bring the antiqued, weathered appearance of natural stone to your patio, consider a fire pit created with one of the most versatile wall units available, Brussels Dimensional Stone. Brussels Dimensional Stone is a flexible wall unit that comes in six different colors including the deep dark Midnight Charcoal – which is ideal for accenting – and the earthy shades of Mahogany Ash, Sierra, and Desert Sand. This fire pit will undoubtedly form the centerpiece of the outdoor room, adding definition and visual appeal.

Entertainment Area

A patio is a great place to host small or larger gatherings. With a Unilock Fire Pit Kit, you can continue to use your patio space for entertainment as the fire pit will keep the guests warm on chilly fall nights. The Rivercrest Firepit Kit is an instant, easy-to-install solution with a functional design that suits most patio styles. This fire pit kit comes in two natural colors, Coastal Slate and Buff, and with its texture of stacked flagstone, will suit both contemporary and traditional style landscapes.
Another option is the Sunset Firepit Kit, which is available in two earthy tones Coffee Creek and Sierra, as well as the neutral Sandstone. These color variations will give your fire pit the authentic look of natural stone with the durability and affordability of concrete. Sunset Firepit Kit allows an easy setup because of its square and circular design.

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Flexible Materials for a Durable Fire Pit

By using Unilock’s concrete products for your patio, fire pit, and fire pit seating area, you can rest assured that your hardscaping is equipped with mechanisms that can deal with the expansion of the freeze/thaw cycle.
Unlike poured concrete, pavers are interlocking which allows you to replace them individually in the unlikely event of damage. However, because Unilock concrete pavers can be up to four times stronger than poured concrete and grant you long-lasting structures that require very little maintenance, damage is highly unlikely. Building your patio or fire pit area with flexible, long-lasting materials is crucial if you want to avoid problems in the long run.

Adds Value to Your Home

A well-designed patio and fire pit area will not only extend the time you spend outdoors but improve the market value of your home. With its modern and sleek lines, Lineo Dimension Stone is ideal for a modern fire pit design. This wallstone is available in three colors, the earthy shades of Almond Grove, and Sierra, and the grey Limestone. Aside from the aesthetics, Unilock products help you to achieve quality hardscapes that will last for decades to come.

The title image features a fire pit and seat wall built from Rivercrest Wall, finished with Ledgestone and Brussels Fullnose coping, respectively.

Now is the Perfect Time to add a Unilock Fire Pit to your Patio in St. Louis, MO


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