Natural Stone Pavers with Timeless Color and Texture in Westport, CT | Unilock

Natural Stone Pavers with Timeless Color and Texture in Westport, CT

Natural Stone Pavers with Timeless Color and Texture in Westport, CT


Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is ideal for contractors seeking out the best possible natural stone options for their clients. In terms of durability, Unilock Sandstone and Limestone has been carefully prepared for low water absorption, excellent freeze-thaw durability and flexural strength. And because of the high-level of precision that goes into their processing and calibration, natural stone pavers from Unilock are also practical for contractors. Here are some natural stone variations that are sure to please both contractors and homeowners alike:

Black River – Limestone

Unilock Limestone in Black River is deep and bold. Its dramatic coloring, combined with the fine surface texture of Limestone makes for a hardscape that is sophisticated and modern, despite its natural authenticity. Although Black River cannot be used in close proximity to intense heat, it is available in a vast range of versatile units, including slabs, natural edge coping, natural edge steps, fullnose coping and a pillar cap unit.

Hearthstone – Limestone

The Hearthstone color options provides a gentle, mid-range grey that pairs well with greenery and dark or richly colored furniture and verticals. It creates a subtle, relaxed atmosphere and will complement traditional styles of architecture and landscape design.

Winter Mist – Limestone

This elegant light grey is the ideal highlight for darker hardscaping materials and shines brightly against dark borders and the warm colors of brick and wood. Limestone in Winter Mist gives outdoor living areas the luxury of the indoors while remaining durable to the elements and climatic pressures.

Autumn Harvest – Sandstone

This color variation of Unilock Sandstone typifies the sunny sandstone aesthetic. Its warm, beachy character makes it ideal for poolside surrounds with a resort-like appeal. The Autumn Harvest color option is all the more impressive for being overlaid with the rich texture and pleasing grain of sandstone. All color options of Unilock Sandstone are available in multiple sizes of slabs, natural edge coping, natural edge steps, fullnose coping and a pillar cap. All four edges of natural edge coping are rockfaced.

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Stone Cliff Grey – Sandstone

More subtle is the Stone Cliff Grey variation. Stone Cliff Grey features a subtle grey that is brought to life by its rich sandstone texture. The rusticity of its surface, combined with its natural authenticity makes Stone Cliff Grey the ideal option for laid back patios with a sophisticated touch.

Indian Coast – Sandstone

The Indian Coast shade features gentle, warm browns and subtle red undertones. Its veins provide character and depth, and its overall profile is one of luxurious comfort.

Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone bears the Fairstone logo, providing a guarantee that all stone products from Unilock are ethically sourced according to the rigorous standards of the Ethical Trading Initiative. This means that child labor is not used at any point of the production line, fair wages are paid to workers and working conditions remain safe and humane. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is sourced from reputable quarries across Europe and Asia and is covered by the Unilock lifetime guarantee.

The title image features a patio paved with Unilock Sandstone in Stone Cliff Grey.


Natural Stone Pavers with Timeless Color and Texture in Westport, CT


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