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5 Ways to Incorporate Natural Stone and Pavers into Your Bergen County, NJ Landscaping

Landscaping ideas, pavers, natural stone in Bergen County, NJ landscaping
Natural stone and concrete pavers have the ability to bring color, function, and texture to a landscape, and can help form the ‘floor plan’ to your outdoor spaces. Here, we look at 5 ways you can incorporate these versatile hardscape materials into your landscape design and get the most of what they have to offer.


One thing that makes an unforgettable first impression on visitors to your Bergen County, NJ home is a driveway that makes a statement. For most homes, driveways take up a large share of front yard space. A striking and original design incorporating quality concrete pavers can transform a front yard, boost curb appeal, and add to your home’s value. The performance of pavers in comparison to poured or stamped concrete and asphalt make them perfect for driveways, even in circumstances of heavy traffic and substantial loads. With such an extensive variety, any number of designs and styles can be achieved using concrete pavers.


Paved walkways serve the purpose of controlling foot traffic through your landscape, creating flow between separate outdoor living spaces, and making your landscape more accessible. Irregular shaped natural stone such as bluestone or flagstone used in a meandering footpath can emphasize a landscape’s wild and rustic appeal, while large natural stone slabs can emphasize the clean horizontal lines of a modern home. Either way, the addition of functional walkways is an excellent way to incorporate natural stone or concrete pavers into your Bergen County, NJ landscape and give your lawn the respite from foot traffic it needs in order to look amazing.

Pool Surrounds

Both concrete pavers and natural stone are perfect for paved poolside surrounds. They provide a safe, non-slip surface that is resistant to water and salt damage (if you have a salt chlorinator installed). The golden color of some varieties of natural stone, such as sandstone, is the perfect complement to the calming blue of the water and creates the summery look and feel of a sun-soaked beach. In addition to being used as surface covering, natural stone can also be introduced in the form of rock formations and waterfall features to give your poolside the feel of a tropical paradise. Consider mixing concrete pavers that feature naturalistic texturing like Unilock’s Richcliff paver with the timeless beauty of a natural stone inlay, border, or accent.

Outdoor Fire Pits or Fireplaces

Nothing brings nighttime ambience to your outdoor living spaces quite like a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. Often built from natural stone, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit becomes an elegant focal point that draws attention with authentic charm and natural appeal. The natural ability of stone to retain heat, also means your outdoor spaces will remain warmer for longer. Another option that allows you to match your concrete paver patios, walkways, and pool decks more closely, is a Unilock Elements Pre-Built outdoor fireplace. With different styles to choose from, these modular solutions make for a perfect accent piece to your Bergen County landscaping.


Natural stone such as bluestone and flagstone, as well as concrete pavers, are excellent choices for creating the workhorse of today’s outdoor living space, the patio. Some of the most impactful landscape designs we’ve seen, involve the use of both materials together, with one or the other playing a supporting role for accents and inlay. Unilock’s Copthorne paver makes for a stunning border when paired with a Pennsylvania Bluestone patio. Alternatively, consider using buff-colored sandstone manufactured by Unilock as a border for Unilock’s Beacon Hill Flagstone Pavers.
Landscaping ideas, pavers, natural stone in Bergen County, NJ landscaping

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