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Modern Landscape Design Ideas for Lansing, Michigan Homes

Modern Landscape Design Ideas for Lansing, Michigan Homes


Imagine looking out your French doors and seeing gorgeous outdoor rooms, functional spaces and eye-catching focal points. And at night, the soft glow of patio lighting makes your yard look like a glittering paradise. Here are some modern landscape design ideas that will help to transform your Lansing, MI, yard into the place that you love to be the most!



To create distinct areas in your landscape, Unilock offers a number of wall units that can be used to create elevation changes to define spaces. Even an added step or two creates a new space within the design. One space could be for grilling, another for alfresco dining and another for comfortable furniture to relax and socialize. You can have as many outdoor “rooms” as you want, or keep the design limited to one large patio with subtly designated areas. The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System is a great option for adding dimensionally accurate verticals and varying elevation to your modern patio area.


Vertical Elements

Vertical elements to consider for transforming your patio are fire pits and fireplaces, which are always a hit. Lighting a fire on a cool night and sharing drinks is the perfect way to enjoy some time with your family and friends. Even a fire on a summer night is fun for roasting marshmallows! Another vertical element to consider is pillars. Anchoring a space with pillars can set that space apart, especially if you add lamps or lanterns to them for additional lighting. The Rapid Pillar System of Rivercrest Wall is ideal for incorporating into your patio design for pillars that are boldly textured and eye-catching.

A third element that is both beautiful and functional is seat walls, which will ensure that your have ample seating for hosting parties and get togethers on your new, modern patio.

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Water Features

The relaxing sound of water can soothe even the most frazzled nerves. The warm tones of Sandstone and Mahogany Ash Lineo Dimensional Stone can be used to create modern water features that blend into the surrounding natural landscape, while a water feature built from Lineo Dimensional Stone in Midnight Charcoal and Limestone can add a modern, monochromatic element to your landscape.


Color Choices and Laying Patterns

With the multitude of concrete paver and wall unit color options and laying patterns available from Unilock, no two Unilock landscape designs are the same! You can pull colors and design schemes from any part of your home for inspiration–from the roof to the trees. The colors can coordinate with existing architectural features, or contrast to stand out. While a random laying pattern often has a more casual feel, a large format running bond paver laying pattern can be used to produce a more contemporary look. Regardless of your preference, your outdoor rooms can make your entire home feel larger and more connected to the landscape.

The addition of outdoor rooms to your landscape brings not only increased functional space, but a fresh, modern aesthetic to your yard! With concrete pavers that are unaffected by most household chemicals, Unilock makes it easy to keep this outdoor area clean and sparkling. There is no limit to the vertical dimensions or accents you can add to incorporate your personal style.

The title image features an Umbriano patio with Town Hall accents and U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System verticals.



Modern Landscape Design Ideas for Lansing, Michigan Homes

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