Mixing Natural Stone and Concrete Pavers or Wall Units for an Outstanding Look in Waterloo, ON | Unilock

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Mixing Natural Stone and Concrete Pavers or Wall Units for an Outstanding Look in Waterloo, ON

Mixing Natural Stone and Concrete Pavers or Wall Units for an Outstanding Look in Waterloo, ON


Pairing Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone and concrete pavers or wall units can lead to stunning results. However, a special level of expertise is needed to match textures, colors, and size options to create an aesthetic that flows well and accents the other elements of your Waterloo, ON, design. Consult a Unilock Authorized Contractor to help you create a magical blend of stone and concrete for your landscape. Look to the wide range of high-quality natural stone and concrete products from Unilock to pair these types of materials for your landscaping project. Here are just a few of the many options:.


Granite and Town Hall

Granite in the Polar White option creates a luxurious surface with a clean, sophisticated look. Town Hall in the Basalt color option can be used to add contrast and texture to a Polar White Granite design. These two options combined enhance the bright Granite surface with black accents and ties the whole look together, creating a beautiful blend of light and dark that complement and balance one another. A grey jointing compound can be used to blend the two colors together.


Granite and Beacon Hill Smooth

If you prefer a darker color for the main surface of your patio, then Granite in the Sable Black option is an excellent choice for your design. Its clean, sophisticated look can elevate the appearance of any outdoor living area. Pairing this dark granite with the softer color of Beacon Hill Smooth in the Opal Blend color option can result in a stunning color and texture combination. The natural sheen of Granite blends well with the refined surface of Beacon Hill Smooth, ensuring a pair that appears to have been made for one another. Use Beacon Hill Smooth as a paver rug or to accent vertical elements to add a modern feel to the space.


Sandstone and Brussels Block

Sandstone, specifically in the Autumn Harvest option, brings a beautiful warmth to any outdoor living area with its soft, sandy tones. To complement this pleasant natural stone look, Brussels Block in the Desert Sand color option is a superb choice for an accent. Brussels Block has a weathered finish and creates a harmonious look with the tones contained in Autumn Harvest Sandstone. The weathered finish of Brussels Block, and the subtle texture of the Sandstone help to create a beachy feel when used in a pool deck design.

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Sandstone and Copthorne

Another wonderful Sandstone color option to use is the Indian Coast variation. This Sandstone color option displays a beautiful mixture of vibrant tans and brown veins. A perfect accent paver for this color option is the Copthorne paver in the Old Oak color option. This paver uses EnduraColor Facemix Technology to create a vibrant brick-brown to complement the earthy veins of the Indian Coast Sandstone. This paver works well as a border accent around a patio or along a walkway.


Limestone and Lineo Dimensional Stone

Limestone is an excellent natural stone for pairing with Unilock concrete pavers. Limestone in the Hearthstone color option, for example, can be paired with the Granite color option of Lineo Dimensional Stone to great effect. These two units, having a very similar color scheme, blend together excellently, creating a cohesive combination of horizontal surfaces and vertical elements.

The color pairings don’t end there. Click here to connect with a contractor to discuss more natural stone and concrete paver pairings for your next landscaping project.

The title image features Limestone in the Hearthstone color option, paired with Lineo Dimensional Stone.


Mixing Natural Stone and Concrete Pavers or Wall Units for an Outstanding Look in Waterloo, ON

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