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Mix or match? Deciding on Wallstones for your Fire Pit Seating in Akron and Canton, OH

Making a decision for the fire pit seating in your Akron or Canton, OH, home? There are a number of important factors in the design of your seating that can make a world of difference. Your choice of wall stones can play a pivotal part in determining the overall aesthetics of your yard. At Unilock, we have a wide variety of seating wall stones to ensure that your design ideas can be brought to reality.
In terms of design, most people prefer to match their seating wall stones to the stones used for their fire pit. This is generally the safest way to ensure overall conformity of the design. For those hoping to create a contrast, you not only have the option of using variations in color to accentuate your seating, but also in styles to distinguish your seating from your fire pit.

Rivercrest Wall

The Rivercrest Firepit Kit is one of the easiest options for making a fire pit part of your yard. Moreover, the fire pit can easily be complemented with our Rivercrest Wall for a matching style. Available in a choice of Coastal Slate and Buff colors, you can create a more interesting design by alternating the colors of the two features. The natural stone look is a timeless classic and works well due to its subdued beauty regardless of your design choices. Consider adding darker accents with Unigranite, Series 3000, or Copthorne set into the back of the seat wall to break up the monotony of the subtle colors.

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Brussels Dimensional System

The Brussels Dimensional System is another great way of matching your seating wall to your fire pit. Our Sunset Firepit Kit features this timeless stone with its rough-hewn surface providing a rustic charm. The Brussels Dimensional System is available in a wide variety of colors and shapes that makes it ideal for implementing more complex seating designs. The choice of five colors also opens up the option of matching the material and varying the color combination for a more interesting look.

Lineo Dimensional Stone

For those wanting a more contrasting design, Lineo Dimensional Stone is the ideal candidate for your seating wall. Featuring a more modern design with a smooth surface and modern colors such as Platinum and Walnut, this stone is ideal for not only providing a contrasting element in color but also in design. The sharp lines and smooth surface coupled with the solid colors give this stone a very classy modern aesthetic that makes it ideal for contrasting the more rustic and traditional look offered by the Sunset or Rivercrest Firepit Kits.


RomanPisa is a highly versatile stone that can provide variation in design to set your seating solution apart. With its weathered look, it tends to be closer in design language to the natural stone and rugged look of stones used for fire pits but still creates variation with colors and mottled surface. Available in unique colors like Granite, River and Sierra, this stone is ideal for creating a mixed design but still having some consistency with the natural stone look.

The title image features a Brussels Dimensional System fire pit and seat wall, with Copthorne accents and Brussels Fullnose coping.

Mix or match? Deciding on Wallstones for your Fire Pit Seating in Akron and Canton, OH

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