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4 Reasons why your Mississauga Patio should include a stone fire pit

Mississauga ON Stone Fire Pit
Winter is heading our way and the cold cannot be avoided, but it can be lessened with this wonderful source of warmth: a stone fire pit. As human beings, most of us don’t like being cooped up in the house all day and we enjoy the company of friends and family. Hanging out around a fire, whether in the dead of winter or the breezy summer nights, is the perfect way to get outside and be with the ones you love.
Not that you need any more of a reason than that to get a stone fire pit, but here are 4 more reasons to include one at your Mississauga home.

Heat Durability

Stone fire pits, among others, are one of the best for retaining heat for a long time, which is just what we want when gathering with others. We want to enjoy ourselves and not have to worry about the heat dissipating quickly. The heat from the fire is conducted into the stone, and the beauty of the stone is such that it retains this heat even after the fire has died out.


These fire pits create a great ambiance for your outdoor get togethers. The glow of the embers surrounded by the beautiful stone you picked out is sure to contribute to a, forgive my pun, warm atmosphere. Create memories around the fire with your friends and family that will last through the test of time. And let’s not forget, they’re fun! Fires are simply fun to have, whether you’re camping or enjoying it from the comfort of your own backyard.

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Great Accessory

You have a lawn, a fountain, a patio, maybe even some great chairs and beautiful trees, but all that isn’t complete without your own fire pit to gather around on a cool evening. Stone fire pits look especially desirable when used as a centerpiece for your patio design, but they also make a great accessory if you don’t want it to be the center of attention. A stone fire pit can go with just about any layout you might have for your landscape, and they can be enjoyed by everyone. Here, Unilock’s Brussels Dimensional Wall was used to build a custom fire pit and was incorporated into a stone wall surrounding the patio. There are hundreds of ways to use this piece to accessorize with your outdoor design.


Stone fire pits are totally customizable too. If you don’t have a lot of space but feel that you need just a little more for your backyard, add in small stone fire pit. Or, if you feel you have too much space and need to fill some of it in, add in a large fire pit with some great seating to gather around it. The size is up to you, and the shape! You can have round or rectangular shaped fire pits to give you just the feel you want. The color of the stone also comes in a great variety. With all of these options, you can add a stone fire pit to any home.

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