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Matching Wall Systems for Your Bluestone Pavers in Boston & Worcester, MA

Boston and Worcester share a proud past and a modern culture that is vibrant and dynamic. It ups their livability quotients and fuels an innovative sensibility that keeps them growing and changing.
Traditionally, bluestone pavers have been a popular choice in hardscaping, such as patios, pool decks and outdoor kitchens in the Boston & Worcester, MA area. However, advancements in concrete technology mean that old can now seamlessly blend with the new. If you want to incorporate vertical design elements into the hardscape, whether constructing seating, a peripheral wall or pillars, why not complement your existing bluestone patio with modern materials for a brand new look.
Bluestone pavers with their range of color from blue undertones to variations of gold, brown, red and gray, makes them easy to match with modern materials that are more durable and more flexible, yet retain the look and feel of natural stone. We’ve put together some of the best concrete products available to complement your natural stone features.

Estate Wall

Estate Wall has the appearance of aged natural stone, so much so that the finished vertical will look as though it has been there since the Worcester Revolt! The durable and versatile blocks are stacked without mortar, so you are free to let your imagination run wild. The colors available, Almond Grove, Granite, Sierra and Walnut, allow you to match or complement your bluestone pavers without overwhelming their subtle coloring. The subtle gray of Granite is a particularly good match, offering a neutral complement to most coloring schemes and, in this case, the natural coloring of bluestone. For a more varied option, Almond Grove contains both the blue and brown undertones common to certain variations of bluestone.

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Lineo Dimensional Stone

The modern design of Lineo Dimensional Stone is an eye-catching contrast to traditional bluestone. Strong horizontal lines are created by rectangular blocks that range from 11 ¾” to 23 ½” long. Along with their fine textured surfaces and subtle coloring, this results in a sleek design that adds visual length and sophistication to the area. Lineo Dimensional Stone is available in three colors, Almond Grove, Limestone and Sierra, any of which are excellent in matching or complementing bluestone pavers.

Rivercrest Wall

The Rivercrest Wall system is the most natural looking, stacked flagstone style vertical option available today. It has a similar look and feel to bluestone and the two work together in harmony. Either of the two colors, Coastal Slate or Buff, will pick up the tonal variations of the bluestone. Twelve units of different sizes and shapes ensure variation and visual interest, and with the special integrated alignment system, you can have fun creating just the right design.


RomanWall is so rough-hewn and weathered-looking that it may look older and more natural than the traditional bluestone used to lay your original patio! RomanWall is a versatile product that can be used for straight or curved verticals, such as walls, planters, and steps. The blocks interlock with a built-in setback that assumes the correct slope. Available color options include Almond Grove, Granite and Sierra, all containing blue undertones to tie in perfectly with your existing pavers.

The title image features a patio paved with Richcliff, a concrete Unilock bluestone alternative, enclosed by a Rivercrest Wall seat wall.

Matching Wall Systems for Your Bluestone Pavers in Boston & Worcester, MA

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