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Matching the Aesthetic of Your Paterson, NJ, Driveway with Stone Pavers

Matching the Aesthetic of Your Paterson, NJ, Driveway with Stone Pavers

Stone pavers enhance your curb appeal, add value to your home, offer plenty of ways to express your personality, and give you a durable and low-maintenance solution for your outdoor spaces. Here are a few tips for matching the aesthetic of your Paterson, NJ, driveway with stone pavers.


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Incorporate Character Into Your Driveway

If you have an asphalt driveway, you can add character and sophistication with stone aprons, inlays, and borders. An apron is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also saves on wear and tear on the entry to your driveway—a particularly vulnerable spot where the driveway meets the road. Choose colors that complement your home and/or existing pavers on a walkway or entryway. Unilock Brussels Block pavers are a popular choice for enhancing asphalt driveways with stone aprons, inlays, and borders. These tumbled pavers come in five colors that create just the right look. They offer three sizes, which lead to plenty of design options. The smallest dimension can be perfect for more intricate driveway inlays, and the medium size creates a substantial border that will protect the outer edges of the driveway.


Poured concrete driveways can likewise be made more interesting with stone paver aprons and inlays. Since poured concrete can be tinted to virtually any color, you have plenty of great options for stone accents. A flagstone apron such as Unilock Thornbury creates a beautiful warm contrast to light colored concrete, and dark pavers such as Unilock Tribeca Cobble offer a cool, modern aesthetic.

If your driveway is narrow (one car wide) you can give it character with creative laying patterns. Pavers such as Series pavers (which come in Black Granite and a light gray Peppered Granite) from Unilock are available in several different sizes for plenty of design choices. Narrow driveways will feel wider if you keep it monochromatic and avoid using a contrasting border.


Stone Pavers for Curved Driveways

If your driveway is curved, Courtstone from Unilock are smaller cobblestone pavers could be ideal. Lay them horizontally (against the flow of traffic) to give the illusion of a wider driveway, or vertically (with the flow of traffic) to accentuate the curves.

If your driveway is wide (two cars wide) or you have a large entry courtyard, take advantage of the extra space to incorporate inlays, elaborate borders, aprons, and accents to break up the expanse of pavers and create interest. Unilock Town Hall pavers, which are inspired by historic North American clay street pavers, are a great choice for larger driveways, as well as curved driveways. These pavers offer enough texture to make large driveways feel more intimate. Town Hall pavers are available in six colors as well as fabulous three-way color blend options to match nearly any home. Courtstone pavers make excellent companions to Town Hall, as borders, accents, and inlays.


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Opt for Drama

For an ultra-modern look with a serious wow factor, consider the dramatic plank look of Unilock Promenade Plank pavers, which come in three individual sizes, custom colors, and four custom finishes. The design possibilities are endless. You may love this look so much that you may want to extend it onto walkways and patios as well.

For the most cohesive results in your hardscapes, choose a theme and follow it throughout. For example, you can use random-sized bundles of pavers on the main field of your driveway, and use the smallest size of these pavers as a border on a walkway. For design inspiration or to get started on a driveway or walkway renovation, contact your Unilock Authorized Contractor today.


The title image features Brussels Block driveway pavers.


Matching the Aesthetic of Your Paterson, NJ, Driveway with Stone Pavers

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