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Matching Pavers and Verticals for Outdoor Kitchens in Hartford, CT

Hartford, CT is a winter wonderland and there’s plenty to do. You can head up to the mountains to ski or cut a hole in the ice on your favorite fishing lake. The extra hardy go ice climbing or camp along the Appalachian Trail. No matter how much you like wintertime activities, however, there’s just something about spring that lifts the spirits as the temperatures rise. It’s time to start thinking about enjoying the warmer weather, and there’s few better ways than adding an outdoor kitchen to your patio. Here are a few suggested combinations for your hardscaping to get the creative juices flowing.

Umbriano Pavers with Rivercrest Wall Verticals

Umbriano pavers provide a contemporary-looking flooring for your outdoor kitchen. They look and feel like granite, with a variety of decorative finishes and a mottled surface owing to the dispersion of color and granite particles. They are also non-slip and stain resistant. The pavers have a dense molecular composition and are therefore extremely durable; unaffected by chlorine if installed near your pool and de-icing salt in the winter. The colors are as lovely as their names: Autumn Sunset, Midnight Sky, Summer Wheat and Winter Marvel. Together with the surface texture, they give the elegant appearance of hewn natural stone.
Rivercrest Wall mimics the look of a natural stacked flagstone wall. The blocks are quite rugged and, therefore highlight the elegance of Umbriano. The two bring out the best in each other in terms of texture. The colors, Coastal Slate and Buff, can be used to complement or contrast Umbriano. A particularly dramatic effect is achieved with Buff Rivercrest on Midnight Sky Umbriano.

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Umbriano Pavers with Estate Wall Verticals

Estate Wall has the appearance of aged, natural rock, but unlike Rivercrest Wall’s rugged stacked appearance, it has an antique-textured finish that follows through with the elegance of Umbriano, complementing rather than creating contrast in terms of texture. Estate Wall’s blocks are stacked without mortar, adding a random, relaxed element to the kitchen. You can achieve a color contrast with Umbriano, if that’s your preference, or continue the complementary décor with Estate Wall’s colors: Almond Grove, Granite, Sierra and Walnut. Umbriano’s Autumn Sunset paired with Estate Wall’s Almond Grove, for example, will give your kitchen a unique sophisticated look.

Bristol Valley Pavers with Brussels Dimensional Stone Verticals

Bristol Valley pavers have a subtle texture and, therefore, provide a refined flooring to your outdoor kitchen. EasyClean™ Stain Resistance makes the surface of the pavers easy to clean and unlikely to stain. The colors (Bavarian, New York Blend and Sierra) are also subtle and with the large pavers (21 ¼” and 14 ¼”), you essentially have a lovely canvas on which to create your kitchen.
Brussels Dimensional Stone verticals have a weathered appearance but retain a polished finish that suits the refinement of the Bristol Valley pavers. Brussels Dimensional System units are exceptionally flexible due to their tapered components of multiple sizes. With Brussels Dimensional Stone, you have the flexibility of installing straight or curved islands, walls, seats—whatever you want to put on that canvas! The seven colors (shades of sandstone, limestone, terra cotta, as well as blends and variations of colors) allow a number of combinations so you can match to your own sense of style. Consider Bristol Valley’s Sierra and Brussels Dimensional System’s Coffee Creek for a warm and rich color combination.

The title image features an outdoor kitchen with vertical elements built from Rivercrest Wall in Coastal Slate, complemented by Umbriano pavers in Summer Wheat.

Matching Pavers and Verticals for Outdoor Kitchens in Hartford, CT

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