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Matching Pavers and Verticals: Landscaping Stones That Go Hand in Hand in Youngstown, OH

Perhaps one of the most difficult decisions a Youngstown, OH, homeowner must make when designing landscape elements is choosing the color and style of the materials for the project, especially if it is a project utilizing a mix of materials, as in the combination of pavers and verticals. The following considerations can help in this step of the design process:

Consider Your Surroundings

Look at the overall landscape and how it fits in with the house. Consider all hardscapes including the home, especially pre-existing structures. These surroundings can work as a color key for you to work from. For instance, if your home is classic brick, you might consider warm colors for pavers and verticals that complement this. A great combination here would be a Unilock Town Hall or Copthorne pavers in Burgundy Red, Old Oak, Burnt Clay or a 3 Color Blend, combined with Brussels Dimensional System in Sandstone for vertical elements. The aged brick profile of Town Hall and Copthorne complements a brick home setting, while the Sandstone color option of the Brussels Dimensional System provides a welcome complement that softens the prevalence of brick coloring.

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Create Interest with Contrast

Bold contrasts of color can help to create a high level of visual impact in your outdoor spaces, but too much can make your hardscape appear stark. To bridge the color gap consider a three color combination by incorporating accents. One such example of this is Rivercrest Wall in Coastal Slate, Umbriano pavers in Summer Wheat, combined with a Series 3000 border in Black Granite, as is featured in the title image. This dark border can be repeated as banding within the wall with a matching vertical unit to further enhance the lighter colors of the subtle gold pavers and light grey verticals.

Match for a Seamless Hardscape

Using materials that complement one another, you can achieve a balanced beauty for your hardscape, one that is accented by the slight nuances of color. This style offers a natural look that unites all the pieces of the puzzle. The Brussels Dimensional System and Brussels Block pavers are two such materials that are simply made for one another. With matching, timeworn textures and warm, earthy colors, this combination offers a contemporary yet traditional look for your flooring and low walls. Given the variety of widely compatible color options, your pavers and verticals can offer unity while leaving plenty of room for complementary accents, borders and banding. Consider, for example, Brussels Block pavers and Brussels Dimensional System in the neutral Limestone color variation with Burgundy Red Copthorne pavers as an accent to provide warmth or to create a motif that ties in colors found in the surrounding environment.

A Clean Minimalist Look

If your home is more contemporary or you would like to achieve a minimalist feel for your outdoor spaces, then consider incorporating the contemporary lines of Lineo Dimensional Stone wall units paired with graphic Artline pavers. The multi-length plank-like units of the Lineo Dimensional Stone line works well for clean, linear walls. This same aesthetic can then be reflected by the longitudinal emphasis of Artline pavers for an edgy modern look that is simultaneously neat, uncluttered and visually interesting.
Matching Pavers and Verticals: Landscaping Stones That Go Hand in Hand in Youngstown, OH

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