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Matching Paver Selections Recommended by a Driveway Contractor Operating in the Cambridge and Toronto areas

There are major benefits to consulting a driveway contractor that operates in your area. They have knowledge of the area’s weather conditions, and can apply this knowledge to advising you on driveway paver design that match the architectural style of your home. Here are some of their recommendations when it comes to paver choice in the Cambridge and Toronto, ON, areas.

Modern Elegance

Artline pavers are known for their clean, long lines whose simplicity and minimalist design are the definition of a modern driveway. These pavers are available in three colors, Alpine Fusion, Granite Fusion, and Sierra Fusion. Aside from the contemporary design and an exclusive number of colors, these pavers are known for their durability. Artline is manufactured in a two-step process and are part of the EnduraColor product range where concentrated color and special wear-resistant materials are mixed with a coarser foundation that gives the stone its strength. Pair Artline with smaller, coarser pavers such as Unigranite to achieve a more detailed, dramatic look.

Old Charm

Copthorne pavers reflect the look of the brick pavers used in old European cities and match traditional style residences. These pavers are versatile and practically indestructible, and are available in four different colors. The Basalt shade makes a great accent paver because of its dark blue tones while the blend of Burgundy Red, Old Oak, and Burnt Clay creates an inviting, authentic driveway design. Copthorne is part of the EnduraColor Plus collection which combines some of nature’s highest performing minerals to create an exceptionally durable and stylish paver with ultra-realistic textures. This collection is manufactured using special technologies that are only offered by Unilock. In addition, these pavers are manufactured using Ultima Concrete Technology, which is a process that creates pavers with up to four times the strength of poured concrete. Copthorne can be paired with Brussels Block to achieve a balance of color and texture.

The title image features a driveway paved with Copthorne in a 3 Color Blend with a Sandstone Brussels Block border.


Permeable Combinations

Eco-Priora is a permeable paver that tends to create a relaxed look, suitable for traditional and modern driveways. Permeable pavers are manufactured to the same quality standards as all Unilock concrete paving stones. The difference is in their ability to let water drain through their joints. Eco-Priora pavers are designed with special spacer bars that form a 7mm gap filled with stone chip that allows rainwater penetration into the subsoil. This rainwater can be collected for irrigation, car washing or running your water features, or simply left to replenish ground water supplies. Eco-Priora can be paired with the Series 3000 paver to create stunning visual effects.

The Perfect Blend of Modern and Traditional

To get the best of both worlds, consider Thornbury pavers that are part of the EnduraColor line and are also permeable pavers. Thornbury pavers give a random look and are available in six different earthy tones that will match the architectural style of any home. A great combination for your driveway is the Granite shade, which can be bordered with Town Hall’s Burgundy Red color option. Town Hall permeable pavers are part of the unique line of EnduraColorPlus Pavers. Town Hall pavers are also equipped with Easy Clean Stain Resistance to make sure the products are easy to maintain.

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Matching Paver Selections Recommended by a Driveway Contractor Operating in the Cambridge and Toronto ON areas

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