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What Makes Unilock Products Perfect for Outdoor Kitchens in Boston?

Spring is morphing into summer, and soon you’ll be looking to spend more time outdoors. Which is why there’s no overstating the benefits of having an outdoor kitchen, a place to prepare your best meals without sacrificing the summer sun.
Luckily, Unilock has the materials and products to make your outdoor kitchen fantasy a reality. With a wide variety of product lines, Unilock gives you the option to diversify your outdoor experience, mixing and matching until you find the right combination. How you combine these products will, of course, be dependent on your vision. So, your first task will be to choose what type of outdoor kitchen you want, and what purpose you’d like your kitchen to serve. Will it be just for you and your family, or a host of guests? For summer nights or spring mornings? Regardless, you’ll want to start with the proper aesthetic.

Flattering Flooring

Firstly, you will want the perfect paver to form the foundation of your outdoor kitchen, ensuring your comfort whether it be while making breakfast or cooking dinner. Unilock offers a number of options including both natural stone and concrete pavers. Consider the realistic flagstone surface of Richcliff pavers from Unilock, or the look and feel of granite with Umbriano: both excellent products for creating an elegant outdoor kitchen or patio with the warmth and texture of natural stone and the extreme durability of concrete. For cooking areas, Unilock pavers are ideal for easy cleaning and stain resistance.

Convenient Counters

A kitchen is decidedly useless without adequate counter space, making wall installation your foremost priority. To that end, Unilock can provide the stacked flagstone look of Rivercrest Wall. Made to resemble aged, natural rock, Rivercrest Wall is the perfect foundation for an outdoor kitchen. Its weathered design grants it a stylish sophistication befitting of a Boston property. Additionally, Rivercrest Wall is an incredibly versatile design and will pair well with just about any natural textured pavers, rustic landscape theme or traditional home architecture. It comes in a neutral Coastal Slate color option for easy matching and the sandy warm Buff coloring for a vibrant outdoor area.

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As a worthy mention, you could also try Estate Wall from Unilock. Estate Wall offers a beautiful ageworn feature to your backyard patio. It comes in Almond Grove, Granite, Sierra and Walnut.

The title image features a grill island built from Almond Grove Estate Wall with Black Granite Series 3000 banding.


Personalized Focal Points

With your wall systems in place, you’ll want a standout feature to give your patio the feeling of a lived-in section of your property. Given the colder temperatures of the Boston area, you will likely want something to give off a little heat. An outdoor fireplace is perfectly suited to liven up your outdoor kitchen and allow space for you and your guests to rest and warm up in the cool evening air. In the interest of keeping with the Rivercrest Wall theme, Unilock has the perfect companion in the form of their Bella fireplace. Constructed with the same stonework design as Rivercrest Wall, the Bella fireplace will fit right in next to your counter-topped walls.
What Makes Unilock Products Perfect for Outdoor Kitchens in Boston MA?

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