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Load Bearing Retaining Wall Options for your Boston & Worcester Landscape

Retaining walls are important for supporting your Boston and Worcester, MA landscape, by holding soil in place, creating structure and dividing outdoor spaces. This prevents heavy rain from disrupting the beauty of your outdoor setting. It’s not only crucial that these walls are strong and durable, for a residential or attractive commercial setting, retaining walls should be selected with elegance in mind as well. Here are some retaining wall options with high load-bearing capabilities and an attractive aesthetic to match.


Each SienaStone building unit weighs approximately 450lbs. Using this impressive weight as a powerful anchor, SienaStone is ideal for creating heavy duty retaining walls, freestanding walls, staircases and multi-tiered landscapes. Despite its heavyweight durability and industrial strength, SieanaStone strikes an attractive running bond profile with the authentic texture of split and weathered natural stone. SienaStone provides visual warmth with the speckled earthy brown of the Sierra color option and the muted, but nonetheless characterful Natural color option. SienaStone coping available in the Granite color option provides a fine finish to an already impressive structure.


RomanWall offers a complete package of rich Old World texture, high load bearing capacity and versatility of design, allowing for both straight and curved retaining walls. RomanWall is ideal for creating structures and verticals that look as though they have been standing strong for centuries. The unique surface pigmentation and timeworn surface texture of RomanWall lend it the appearance of aged sandstone. Available in earthy Almond Grove, striking Granite and vibrant Sierra color options, there’s no shortage of character and warmth when it comes to a RomanWall structure.

The title image features tiered retaining walls constructed from RomanWall.



For the construction of large scale retaining wall projects, Durahold is unparalleled. With a height capability of up to 25ft, Durahold provides an attractive alternative to poured concrete walls, and is ideal for taming huge slopes and carving out hillside spaces. The pattern created by Durahold’s unique profile creates visual interest and makes for a bold aesthetic statement.


In keeping with Durahold’s extreme stability and structural strength, Durahold2 is another engineering solution for high load bearing needs. Durahold2 offers a smaller scale building unit (a little more than half the size of Durahold) ideal for the construction of lower walls at a scale suited to residential properties and smaller spaces. Durahold2 adds a modern flavor and solid structure to any heavy load bearing retaining wall project.

Concord Wall

Highly stable and suitable to most retaining wall projects, Concord Wall offers automatic slope correction and the versatility needed for a curved retaining wall design. The look of Concord Wall is also well suited to the myriad of architectural styles of Boston and Worcester homes, introducing a definite charm of its own. Concord Wall features a rugged surface texture and is available in Granite, Almond Grove and Sierra color options. The building units include multiple sizes, corner pieces and tapered units, providing a range of possibilities, while the coping and wedge cap pieces provide a matching finish for your load bearing retaining wall.

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Load Bearing Retaining Wall Options for your Boston & Worcester MA Landscape


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