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Laying Patterns, Borders, and Accents for Creating Unique Outdoor Kitchens in Pittsburgh

If you’re looking for ways to help your outdoor kitchen stand out from the rest of your hardscape, or even from the patios in your Pittsburgh, PA, neighborhood, laying patterns, borders and accents are a great place to start. Coupled with the beauty and durability of Unilock pavers, your outdoor kitchen is sure to be a hit. Here are some ideas for creating outstanding paved surfaces for your outdoor kitchen.

Circular Style

Pavers laid in a circular formation, either using a circular running bond pattern, or delineating the area with a circular border, can create an appealing style. This circular formation can define the area of your outdoor kitchen while making it stand out against other elements. A circular pattern will also contrast nicely with geometric shapes in the surrounding area. This can transform your kitchen or individual elements into a focal point within your outdoor living space.
For creating an effective border using this pattern, consider using a contrasting paver style or color for the outer ring of pavers. Multiple colors in concentric rings can also create some stunning effects. Brick-style pavers, such as Copthorne, in its many color options, in combination with Brussels Block, are ideal for creating this effect.

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Running Bond

With its strong linear emphasis, a running bond pattern is ideal for leading the eye towards focal points. This can be done to place your outdoor kitchen at the center of attention. This pattern is formed from rectangular pavers laid side by side with the joint of the pavers on either side aligned with the middle of the central paver. For maximum effect, consider including this pattern in walkways, either integrated into your patio surface or separate, that lead up to your outdoor kitchen. The parallel lines formed by this laying pattern also create an optical illusion that can enhance the width or length of the paved area, depending on which direction they are laid.
Artline’s sleek rectangular pavers are ideal for this approach. Not only will they create a beautiful running bond pattern, but their modern style will also achieve an original look for your cooking area. Running bond is also frequently used for creating narrow or multi-colored borders.

Herringbone Pattern

This popular pattern works well with a variety of pavers. The V shaped inter-positioning of pavers creates an intriguing look that captivates the eye and makes for a lively ambience for your outdoor kitchen. The herringbone pattern is possible with brick-style and rectangular pavers. Consider using pavers such as Senzo or Town Hall for this effect. An area laid with a herringbone laying pattern can be bordered effectively using a stacked bond border of similar pavers.

Randomized Arrangement

If rustic charm is something you’re going for, or if you’d prefer a laying pattern with a bit more complexity, a randomized laying pattern is ideal. Thornbury is an ideal paver to achieve this authentic effect. Three different sizes are available, which can be combined into a free-flowing, random pattern for a visually interesting surface.
Another excellent option is for this is Stonehenge. This paver can also be laid in a non-uniform pattern for a realistic appearance. The paver’s weathered surface contributes greatly to a time-worn, natural aesthetic.

The title image features an outdoor kitchen paved with Umbriano, complemented by Brussels Dimensional Stone verticals.

Laying patterns, Borders, and Accents for Creating Unique Outdoor Kitchens in Pittsburgh PA