Landscaping Stones That Offer Life Long Color in Cincinnati and Dayton, OH | Unilock

Landscaping Stones That Offer Life Long Color in Cincinnati and Dayton, OH

Investing in your landscape is an important phase of home ownership. Not only does the landscape of your property affect the usability of the space, it also influences how you live, relax, and even entertain in your outdoor space. By re-envisioning your landscape, you can increase the value of your home as well as improve the quality of your lifestyle. As you choose appropriate materials for your landscape re-invention in Cincinnati or Dayton, OH, focus on longevity of color by allowing Unilock to supply the materials needed. The manufacturing processes used produce a range of options that resist fading and staining, allowing the beauty of your hardscape constructions to remain truer for longer.


One highly glamorous option for the “flooring” of your hardscape construction is Arcana. This series is manufactured with Unilock EasyClean Stain Resistance Technology as well as Enduracolor Facemix technology. These units come in large slabs of three different sizes, and three color options as well: Lugano, Modena, and Vivanto. With brilliant colors that will withstand the tests of time, Arcana offers the right stuff for an impressive, contemporary patio space. The aggregated natural stone used to define texture also makes this option non-slip, so it’s a good choice for pool decking as well. For those seeking a sophisticated paver option, Arcana should be on the short-list of choices.


Another option that lends itself to modern style constructions is Artline. This paver option concentrates on long lines and right angles in an understated but sophisticated fashion. Offered with multiple lengths of plank-like rectangles, Artline comes in the shades of Platinum, Walnut, or Birch with the custom finish options of Granite Blend in Il Campo texture, Black Granite with a Series 3000 finish, and Midnight Sky with an Umbriano finish, all of which are special orders. This series is also resistant to slippage, fading, and staining. Add this series to your list if your home is of modern design.

The title image features a Walnut Artline paver driveway.



For a less contemporary, more traditional or historical aesthetic, you might prefer the look of brick with the durability, stain resistance, and brilliant, fade-resistant colors of manufactured pavers. Copthorne is just such an option. With the standard size of the unit, any and all layouts are feasible, including borders and intricate accent pieces within a larger patio area. Color options also facilitate this plan; they’re numerous and consist of Basalt, Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak, and blended options. Whether you desire to create an eye-catching accent, a defining border, or a traditional monolithic brick drive, Copthorne provides the materials needed for a durable hardscape construction.

Avante Ashlar

Deceptively intricate, Avante Ashlar is a series that offers the aesthetic of intricately connected natural stone with the simplicity and accuracy of four uniform units with an L-shaped design for connection integrity. The color options of River, Sierra, and Sycamore offer an understated blend of complementary shades that offer a richness to any landscape construction design. With inherent fade resistance, this series will offer a lasting elegance to your patio space for years to come.


Yet another Unilock option that honors the beauty of natural stone while incorporating ease of securing brilliant and lasting color as well as strength and durability, Courtstone has incredible strength, an unusual aesthetic, and surprisingly authentic texture. The shades of Basalt, Belgian Blue, Dawn Mist, Pebble Taupe, and a blended choice as well as multiple sizes make this choice ideal for accents, borders, and complete constructions intended to complement and highlight the home and the property as a whole.

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Landscaping Stones That Offer Life Long Color in Cincinnati and Dayton, OH


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