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Landscaping Stones for Borders, Banding and Accents in Pittsburgh

Choosing appropriate details is one of the last, but no less important, parts of creating a high-end, comprehensive plan for your hardscape structures and softscape features. Many Unilock products provide stunning and versatile borders, banding, and accents for your Pittsburgh, PA landscaping plan, perfect for adding these attractive finishing touches.


Borders within your patio design are an important aesthetic element. They designate a separation of space in much the same way that walls do inside homes. Done with attractive borders, this separation can be subtle and contribute to a unique design. Creating borders can be as simple as adopting a different style of paver or adjusting the shade or laying pattern of the paver. One such paver offered by Unilock, ideal for borders, is Unigranite. Unigranite is a dramatic paving stone that can be used in various projects and contributes a bold effect. Dark Charcoal in color, these 4×4 stones have a washed texture and offer a well-defined border for any patio structure.
Unilock pavers also come in many different shades, and several promise to provide an easy adjustment of pattern and coloring. Senzo pavers, as an example, offer a high degree of contrast, particularly in the shade of Nuvola. The 8×8 size works as a great accent band, and the paver resists both fading and stains. With Unilock, you can find a suitable product to border your hardscape constructions, whether they be patios, swimming pool decks, or walkways.


Banding is similar to borders in that it provides a visual contrast to adjacent shades or textures within the same structure. Banding, however, refers to the bands of color that adorn vertical constructions. Most often, a layer in the upper quarter of the wall structure is used as the accent layer, and typically the shade is a darker, complementary color or a contrasting texture. With Unilock, the variety of units available make it easy to keep within the confines of your architectural style already set by your home while adding an accenting band to highlight the appearance of your vertical retaining wall, fire pit, or seating wall, and tie it into the overall design.

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The use of accent pavers can include incorporating pavers of a different color within the expanse of your hardscape. These can also be used to add flecks of contrast or repeat colors common to the overall design. Other accents include incorporating greenery against a light-colored backdrop, placing accent lighting in prime positions, and even using the color of the jointing compound to create an interesting effect. With Unilock, you can choose between black, tan, or grey sand to join the pavers within your construction. The difference can be small, but the effect is no less striking.
Every element added or changed within your landscape should be done so with an aim in mind. Whether the purpose is aesthetic or functional, nothing should be without a thought to overall effect and how it will interact with the other elements contained in the design. Remember to consider the effects of sun, shadow, and shade as you plant, build, and make other changes to the landscape. If in doubt, a Unilock Authorized Contractor will be able to help you work out every detail involved.

The title image features Buff Ledgestone steps with Series 3000 accents.

Landscaping Stones for Borders, Banding and Accents in Pittsburgh PA


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