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Landscaping Ideas for Better Drainage in Cape Cod, MA

Landscaping Ideas for Better Drainage in Cape Cod, MA


Intense precipitation can be quite regular in the Cape Cod, MA area. This concern should not be neglected in your landscape design. Because visible pipes and drainage systems can really take away from the visual effect of a design, Unilock offers a range of options that can be considered for adding more subtle drainage elements to a landscape. These range from permeable pavers to construction techniques. Take a moment to asses these design options for your Cape Cod, MA home.



The design and laying pattern of the paver that you choose can make a big difference when it comes to the strength of the surface. Unilock has many choices that will effectively prevent water build-up while still giving you durability and style. The Eco-Optiloc Paver has been getting increased attention for its environmental benefits, namely its ability to rapidly drain surface water. Eco-Optiloc uses a patented L-shaped design to give customers the ultimate lock between pavers to withstand even the heaviest of loads. The surface texture of the paver is customizable, which makes it suitable for many different applications, including driveways and patios, as well as commercial environments.


Uni Eco-stone

Uni Eco-stone concrete pavers allow for maximum drainage capacity while still providing a surface that is strong enough to support the heavy weight of commercial vehicles. This is a great choice for those in the Cape Cod region with high traffic areas that tend to become flooded during periods of high precipitation.The structure of this paver allows water to naturally drain into the earth below, or into invisible subsurface drainage systems. This avoids runoff which can cause damage to property and put a strain on public storm drains.



If you love the look of a natural flagstone surface texture, but want to maximize the efficiency of your hardscape’s drainage, consider Thornbury pavers from Unilock. Thornbury pavers’ three size options and richly textured surface allow for a pleasing, random look and authentic feel for your patio or driveway. Thornbury pavers are also compatible with permeable installation methods to allow for better drainage and a more eco-friendly landscape.

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Eco-priora is perhaps one of the most stylish and versatile permeable concrete paver options available on the market today. This paver is specially designed with spacer bars to allow for a 7mm gap between each paver, allowing water to drain efficiently into the subgrade. Eco-Priora is available in a number of different colors and custom finishes, including the Standard Finish, Tumbled Finish, and the granite-like appearance of the Umbriano Finish. In addition, Eco-Priora is available in three different size options – 10” X 10”, 5” X 10”, and 5” X 5” sizes – to allow for a range of interesting laying patterns and surface characteristics.


As you can see, a drain isn’t your only option to alleviate rainwater buildup. Permeable landscape design is considered environmentally friendly as it can help to prevent erosion, limit water pollution, and preserve natural groundwater tables. Be sure to ask your Unilock Authorized Contractor about these permeable landscape design options for your Cape Cod, MA home, so that you can keep your landscape areas environmentally-friendly and puddle-free.



Landscaping Ideas for Better Drainage in Cape Cod, MA

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