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Landscaping Ideas for Beautiful Outdoor Water Features in Greenwich, CT

Landscaping Ideas for Beautiful Outdoor Water Features in Greenwich, CT


Water features make a great addition to any landscape design. They create the soothing sound of falling water that provides an air of relaxation. They also give you flexible options in smaller spaces, and are an opportunity to create a truly one-of-a-kind focal point for your overall design. Here are just a few unique design approaches to using water features in your Greenwich, Connecticut, landscape.


Modern, horizontal lines

Water features that make use of long horizontal bands of falling water complement a modern home design. The contemporary and sleek lines of Lineo Dimensional Stone from Unilock makes for a truly striking statement, whether you have a fountain wall pouring into a base of dark stones, or you choose a row of graceful pool-integrated water features along your pool wall. The long plank-style design and crisp cut edges offer an exceptionally elegant, modern water feature design.


Old World curves

If you’re considering a more traditional or Old World-inspired landscape design, curves and warm colors are among the best ways to capture that European style. Tucking a curved fountain into a corner of your patio or a hidden nook of the yard provides a sense of elegance and creates a place for quiet relaxation. This sort of water feature is reminiscent of the hidden alcoves of old European grottoes. Consider the soft sandy and grey base hues of the Brussels Dimensional System for these tranquil spaces. This line features multi-sized tapered components for flexible wall design for your landscape. A curved wall filled with small, smooth rocks and pebbles makes a great base for a gently flowing fountain, creating a Old World oasis anywhere.

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Stacked stone style

Another option is to tie outdoor hardscape features more naturally into the landscape design with the appearance of stacked stone. Following the centuries-old design style of stacked flagstone, Rivercrest Wall provides rich, textural elements with the flexibility and affordability of concrete wall units. These are great for creating a natural oasis, whether surrounding a patio or creating a tumbling waterfall at one end of a naturally curved pool.


Color accents

Making use of the color options provided by Unilock concrete pavers and wall units for your vertical structures can help to add striking and unique visual details to your design. As a base, consider a neutral color, one that complements the rest of your hardscape. Accents can be similar in tone or strikingly different with boldly contrasting colors. In a soft grey or natural sandy-hued wall, a deep red or darker grey creates visual interest without standing out too strongly. For example, pair Copthorne accents in Burgundy Red with Brussels Dimensional System in Sandstone. Alternatively, consider making use of the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System, which offers detachable fascia panels in a number of bold colors and finishes, including French Grey in an Umbriano Finish, Black Granite in a Series Finish, and Sierra in a Smooth Face finish.

The title image features a Lineo Dimensional Stone pool-integrated water feature.


Landscaping Ideas for Beautiful Outdoor Water Features in Greenwich, CT

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