Landscape Ideas to Make this Summer a Winner in Clayton, NY | Unilock

Landscape Ideas to Make this Summer a Winner in Clayton, NY

Landscape Ideas to Make this Summer a Winner in Clayton, NY


Summers should be magical – a season of relaxation and enjoyment at home, particularly outdoors. By making a few critical choices while creating a landscape design, you can protect the experiences of your summer, facilitating easy enjoyment of summer as it should be. Begin with low-maintenance plantings, continue with safety and comfort, and follow through with inclusions designed to create a yard where you can enjoy every moment.


Flowers Matter

One item on the list of additions to make to your summer yard should be flowers, flowers, and more flowers, in an abundance of styles and numbers. Make sure that your choices include a diversity of height and color to create depth, while also choosing plantings that grow natively within the region. Include ornamental grasses, hardy lilies, blooming shrubs, and a touch of color periodically with annuals. You may also add a few elevated planting beds and baskets. Unilock wall units, such as Lineo Dimensional Stone are ideal for this purpose. By making smart choices with the help of Unilock Authorized Contractor, while designing planting beds, you can ensure an easily maintained, but beautiful, yard filled with summertime blooms.


Remember to Plan for Shade

Shade is a good investment for your landscape and your summertime memories. Employ the natural shade provider – trees – while also incorporating gazebos and screens for spots within your yard that lack full-grown softscape shade. While the sun is a marvelous component of the season, too much of it will cause you to limit the amount of time spent outdoors. Unilock wall units, such as Brussels Dimensional Stone, can be used to add shade walls to your hardscape, or enhance the appearance of shade structures like pergolas with masonry footings. Even as you take advantage of nice weather and enjoy some Vitamin D, include avenues of refuge within your landscape design.

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Consider Experiences

While planning the perfect summertime landscape, consider the experiences you want to enjoy with your friends and family. Include an outdoor area for social gatherings while also making room for idyllic solitude. Taking a walk in the yard, enjoying some reading in peace, or sharing a glass of wine with friends should all be activities facilitated by the landscape plan. Include seating walls, an outdoor kitchen, garden walls, and other hardscape and softscape features customized for your ideal summertime happenings. Estate Wall is an excellent option for the construction of these elements. Consider, too, the inclusion of a pre-built Unilock Outdoor Fireplace.


Plan for Safety

One feature that should be considered at every point of a landscape plan is safety. Lighting, slip-proof pool patios, and protection against mosquito breeding are all things to consider. Walkways and seating areas should be well lit, with clear visibility for comfort and safety. Areas with pooling water can increase the chances of insect breeding and must be addressed with water-loving plantings or other solutions, and the materials chosen for patio and drive hardscapes should protect from slipping with texture and appropriate finishes. Consider, for example, patio pavers such as Il Campo for a safe, richly textured non-slip surface.

The title image features an Il Campo patio with Unilock Outdoor Fireplace.



Landscape Ideas to Make this Summer a Winner in Clayton, NY


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