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Landscape Ideas for Summer Pool Parties in Buffalo, NY

Landscape Ideas for Summer Pool Parties in Buffalo, NY


Unilock has something for every Buffalo, NY, homeowner to make their summer pool parties fun and functional. Pavers are at the heart of any pool landscaping project, and they’re the first thing to catch everyone’s eye when they see the patio for the first time. These diverse pavers and wall units offer not only great design, but safety as well. Take a look:


Add Flair with Accents

The Series paver is a great addition to a pool patio design. With its sleek granite appearance, it is perfect for creating a modern look or adding a bold accent to your hardscapes. Series pavers not only look good, but offer a non-slip surface to ensure safety for everyone enjoying the pool area. The Black Granite color option is ideal for creating borders and can be paired with a textured paver such as Richcliff to create a stunning design.


Senzo Pavers for a Modern Feel

Another excellent option for adding modern flair to your pool patio design is Senzo. Much like the Series paver, Senzo offers an even, non-slip surface along with a wonderful contemporary design. Both of these pavers are chlorine resistant, so they will keep their refined look for many years to come. If your pool uses a saltwater chlorination system, there is no need to worry either because these pavers are also resistant to corrosion that may result from a sodium chloride solution.


Sleek Lines with Lineo Dimensional Stone

A beautiful summer day by the pool is not complete without a lovely grilled dinner in your outdoor dining area. Unilock products can ensure that your grill island and outdoor kitchen verticals remain pristine for years to come. Add an outdoor kitchen or simple grill island to your pool area and harmonize the design with your modern patio with Lineo Dimensional Stone. Lineo Dimensional Stone is also a perfect match for your Senzo pool area. This wall stone is ideal for continuing the contemporary design all throughout your hardscape.


Introduce the Warmth of a Fire Feature

A firepit is a wonderful addition to any pool area for warming up as the night cools down. Sitting around a beautiful fireplace is a fantastic ending to any summer day. The range of Unilock Firepits and Fireplaces ensure that your fire feature will blend right into whatever design theme you are trying to achieve with your pool area. From an eye-catching Rivercrest Firepit Kit, to a luxurious Moda fireplace, Unilock has plenty of top options. The Moda fireplace utilizes Lineo Dimensional stone with Series accents, perfect for complementing your contemporary pool design. If you are going for a more old-style feel, then the Tuscany Fireplace is the right choice for you. The Tuscany Fireplace utilizes stunning Brussels Dimensional Stone to perfect the old world look. Brussels Dimensional Stone can also be used to create low walls or seat walls to tie the design together.

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Don’t Forget the Grown-Ups

Throw a pool party to remember with the various design elements available through Unilock. The adults at the party will fall in love with the aesthetic and ambience of the landscape while the young ones enjoy playing with safety of the non-slip surface that Unilock pavers provide. Connect with a Unilock Authorized Contractor in your area today to begin working together to design your pool and landscape.

The title image features a Richcliff pool patio with Series accent.



Landscape Ideas for Summer Pool Parties in Buffalo, NY


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