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Landscape Ideas for Incorporating Trees into your London, Ontario, Hardscape

Landscape Ideas for Incorporating Trees into your London, Ontario, Hardscape


Greenery, height, shade and character are just some of the benefits that London, Ontario, homeowners can get from trees. However, because trees are such slow growers, it’s often the case that the tree has been planted long before the landscape was planned out. In such cases, the hardscape will often need to accommodate the existing trees. In addition, a mature tree can sometimes be transplanted to create the impression that the hardscape has been arranged around it. Here are some ideas on how trees can find a place in the hardscape:


Trees as destinations

An ancient tree is a landscape destination in its own right. Apart from the shade that it offers, it can become the defining feature of the landscape. To honor this, why not make your central, sprawling giants part of outdoor activities by creating a walkway leading up to them? A bench can be added around the tree as a resting spot from which to enjoy the dappled sunlight and admire your landscape. Copthorne pavers, with their worn street brick texture and warm character, provide the perfect unit for a walkway that will complement an old tree.


Winding a walkway around a tree

Instead of a destination, trees might act as excellent complements to the scenery. You can take advantage of this by winding walkways around the trees in your backyard. This will add a sense of adventure to the walkway and give users of the walkway a chance to pause to admire the trees and other features of your landscape. A water feature can further enhance a scenic walkway and contribute to the natural ambience of your yard. Consider a wall water feature incorporating the tumbled character of Brussels Dimensional Stone, for example.

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Trees as focal points of a patio

Rather than removing a tree to put in a patio, why not create your hardscape design around the tree as a focal point. By giving the tree a large, round bed in the center of the patio, your tree can find its home as part of your outdoor entertaining. One thing to remember is that the tree will get larger over time and the paving stones may shift and become uneven. Fortunately with Unilock pavers, the pavers can be lifted to accommodate the growth of a tree and a new, wider edge can be put in place every few years or whenever necessary. Small pavers, arranged in a circular pattern around the tree are ideal for this sort of project. Consider, for example, a paver such as Courtstone, which provides an old world cobblestone appearance.


Small trees in planters

Of course, not all trees will dominate the landscape. Small trees will be quite happy to be allocated a raised planter or pot on your patio. This will help to add greenery to the hardscape and can also help to ensure privacy if placed accordingly. For a neat, modern look that hints at a zen flavor, consider a tree-lined patio incorporating raised plant beds constructed from Lineo Dimensional Stone.

The title image features a raised Lineo Dimensional Stone planter housing small trees.



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