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Landscape Design Ideas for Multi-Level Columbus, OH, Backyards

Landscape Design Ideas for Multi-Level Columbus, OH, Backyards


A multi-level backyard can give you free reign to create a design that flows with the natural course of your landscape. You too can choose to enhance your Columbus, OH, backyard, with multi-level patios and terracing. To get started on the right track, here are some landscape design ideas for multi-level backyards:


Levels to Separate

One of the benefits of embracing a multi-level backyard design is that outdoor rooms can be kept clearly distinct from one another. This allows you to clearly define which areas are dedicated to dining, relaxation, entertainment, and so on. This is an option whether you have a large or smaller space, as both can look fantastic with a multi-level design. For example, in smaller luxury Columbus, OH, backyards, you can consider a small patio paved with Umbriano in Harvest Brown, leading down to a dining area. As with any landscape design project, consulting with a Unilock Authorized Contractor is key. They can assess your backyard, and help determine which elements will work best in the area.

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Using steps as separators – constructed from coping, paver and wall unit combinations like Ledgestone coping, Richcliff and/or Copthorne pavers, and Brussels Dimensional Stone – creates new dimensions in the design. With steps you can feature unique patterns and ideas by choosing to move away from the traditional and opt for more intriguing options like wide square steps in a staggered formation. Steps are also good for naturally steep landscapes, as they make these areas easier to traverse.


Flatter Landscapes are No Problem

If you have a flat landscape but want your backyard to have the multi-level look, there are ways to do this. A skilled Unilock Authorized Contractor will be able to install platforms or hollow out desired areas, using retaining wall to make the separations in levels clear.

The weathered look of RomanStack, for example, will provide an ideal low retaining wall for these purposes. Available in Sierra, Granite, and River, these pavers can be a perfect match for more traditional or rustic landscape settings. Consider a combination of low walls and planters to add extra touches of beauty with flora. For smaller backyards, incorporating the two in this way lets your landscape include multiple design elements without looking cluttered or overdone. For a sleek modern low wall, Lineo Dimensional Wall is an excellent choice. These pavers work well with contemporary backyard designs, as they feature a linear multi-length plank look, and colors to match. These units are available for use in your Columbus, OH property’s design in Sierra, Walnut, and Platinum color options.

Vertical dimension can be given an added boost with pillars. When paired with low walls and retaining walls, the multi-level look is complete. Rivercrest Wall is a favorite for all kinds of verticals, including pillars. With a surface texture like stacked flagstone and the genuine look and feel of natural stone, it’s no wonder. You can choose from two colors – Coastal Slate, or Buff to achieve the subtle color scheme of your choice.

Your multi-level backyard dreams don’t have to be put on the backburner. Consult with a Unilock Authorized Contractor for ideas on which Unilock units would work well with your existing design.

The title image features a multi-level patio design incorporating Ledgestone coping, Richcliff and Copthorne pavers, and Brussels Dimensional Stone verticals.



Landscape Design Ideas for Multi-Level Columbus, OH, Backyards

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