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Landscape Design Ideas for Conserving Water and Electricity in Wayne, NJ

Landscape Design Ideas for Conserving Water and Electricity in Wayne, NJ


There are many things to consider when creating the perfect outdoor space, from what layout works best with your property, to how to create the most functional layout for entertaining, and what landscape and hardscape elements complement your Wayne, New Jersey, home’s construction and design. Another big thing to include in your process is conservation and efficiency. With the careful forethought of a Unilock Authorized Contractor, your landscape design can contribute to water and energy conservation, helping both your budget and the environment.


Plant Placement

There are many options in your home design that can help you conserve energy, and landscape design can contribute greatly to those efforts. In a temperate region like New Jersey, you’ll want to consider plant placement in relation to your house and the weather patterns. Planting trees and shrubs that create shade in summer and a buffer from chill winds and snow drifts in the winter will result in savings in your air conditioning and heating bills year-round.


Permeable Pavers

Water conservation and control is also a key part of environmental design in landscaping. Choosing hardscape elements that help to control water flow is an essential part of the design process. When designing driveways and other large flat surfaces, one option to look into is permeable pavers. These pavers allow for natural water flow, with gaps or porous surfaces that let water drain through. This water can be directed into drainage and storage systems for re-use or be allowed to directly re-enter the ground instead of running off into unwanted areas, causing erosion or flooding. Unilock creates several permeable options to suit a variety of design styles. Tribeca Cobble pavers, for example, have the look of old cobblestone streets, perfect for more traditional and historic homes. For a more modern surface, Uni Eco-Stone and Eco-Priora pavers allow for maximum drainage on driveways, while still being fully drivable.


Better Drainage with Retaining Walls

Soil erosion is a common problem for many homes and landscapes. Water runoff on sloped yards can cause damage to plants, and potentially lead to flooding. Terraced landscapes and retaining walls provide support to the soil and reduce runoff, and can be integrated with drainage pipes for further water control. Walls are also a great visual feature, and terraced landscapes can be designed to suit any landscape design. The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System from Unilock is an elegant modern design that works equally for raised and terraced landscapes and for outdoor kitchen walls, so that your whole landscape can have a unified feel.

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Knowing the Climate

There are many other ways to control your water usage through careful design. Learning your regional climate and weather patterns, selecting appropriate plants for your region, and careful placement of plants to share sun, shade, and water will all contribute to a more efficient use of water. Limiting turf areas and using grasses that uses less water is another option, and spreading mulch on landscapes will keep plants cool and minimize water evaporation, as well as minimize weed growth.


Professional Assistance

With a little careful planning, research, and investment, your landscape design can contribute to both greater comfort in your home, and more responsible outdoor living for years to come. For best results, employ the help and expertise of Unilock Authorized Contractor.

The title image features an Eco-Priora driveway.


Landscape Design Ideas for Conserving Water and Electricity in Wayne, NJ

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