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Interlocking pavers in Ottawa, ON bring strength and durability

Interlocking Pavers Ottawa, ON
Interlocking concrete pavers can be the simplest solution to a dull driveway or patio, contributing far greater curb appeal than asphalt or poured concrete and adding character to your hardscape. Pavers’ primary asset, however, is their incredible durability. Opting for interlocking pavers in Ottawa, ON could be the best investment into your poolside, patio design, or driveway likely removing the need for later repairs.

Strength and Durability

Interlocking pavers maintain incredible stability when subjected to heavy loads and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Unilock’s Copthorne pavers, for example, are virtually indestructible and will not split, crack or fade. During installation, the joints between these pavers provide further crack-resistance by allowing the pavers to flex with the natural expansion and contraction that freeze/thaw cycles bring. Poured and stamped concrete, on the other hand, lack flexibility and tend to shrink and crack over time. Interlocking pavers are an excellent candidate for paver driveways as they will not shift, sink, or settle when driven on over the years.
An interlocking installation of concrete pavers should withstand the worst of Ottawa’s winters, as snow can be ploughed, blown, or shoveled off the surface easily. One of the latest trends hitting the outdoor living marketing is the use of snow-melting systems that can be installed underneath the pavers to bypass snow removal completely. Interlocking pavers are generally unaffected by de-icing products and unscathed by freeze-thaw cycles when installed properly by a trained contractor.

Design Possibilities

Interlocking pavers can be implemented in a wide variety of designs, from herringbone to random patterns, catering to both casual and formal outdoor rooms. A multitude of color combinations can also be created to suit your distinct taste and the architectural style of your home. Unilock’s Richcliff Pavers for example, come in a variety of color shades and can be laid in a random interlocking pattern to create a distinct driveway or pool patio. Alternative materials like asphalt and gravel present color and style limitations while contributing little aesthetic appeal.
Straight driveways and paths can be made to appear less linear with the use of interlocking pavers, adding depth and character to large expanses of concrete. A driveway paved with Unilock’s Eco-Priora in a captivating herringbone design can be an attractive alternative to a poured concrete driveway. This versatile paver is permeable, allowing rainwater to return to the ecosystem rather than run off into storm water drains.

Low Maintenance and Convenience

Interlocking pavers in Ottawa, ON can be removed and replaced, should they become damaged, while poured concrete and asphalt require complicated repairs. Expensive, time-consuming resurfacing projects are needed to remove their cracks and stains – a routine that will likely need to be repeated multiple times. Gravel, a common alternative, is temporary and requires regular filling which can eventually lead to an uneven surface.
Fill the joints between interlocking pavers with jointing sand to prevent the growth of weeds and ensure minimal maintenance requirements. Consider opting for a shade of polymeric sand that reflects the house exterior for a cohesive landscape design. Your jointing sand can be customized to contrast or blend into your driveway pavers. Town Hall pavers in the shade Basalt can be paired with tan colored jointing sand to create an eye-catching contrast that could very well set your driveway apart from the rest.
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