Inject Color into your Ridgefield, CT, Landscape Design with these Wall Units and Pavers | Unilock

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Inject Color into your Ridgefield, CT, Landscape Design with these Wall Units and Pavers

Inject Color into your Ridgefield, CT, Landscape Design with these Wall Units and Pavers


Creating the perfect landscape design takes time and careful thought, and striking the right balance between hardscapes and plantings is important. When planning for patios, walls, and walkways around your Ridgefield, CT, home, consider the many ways that color can be incorporated into the hardscapes to create visual interest and complement your home and softscape.


Complement your Home with Pavers

The first thing to consider in choosing product colors is how patios and walkways complement the architectural feel of your home. For a modern and minimalist home design, consider something with strong lines and a tight, consistent colorway, such as Bristol Valley pavers from Unilock. These concrete pavers feature a moderate surface texture and sharp, clean edges to update a traditional flagstone style. Their subtle color feels clean and modern while maintaining the appearance of natural stone. The Steel Mountain and Bavarian color options offer stunning but neutral base for interesting modern furniture and architectural elements as well.


Striking Walls

Using interesting colors for walls and other vertical structures can consist of sticking to subtle base colors and the natural-inspired variations in them to adding contrasting colors and materials for accent details in your design. Look at the Unilock Brussels Dimensional System line, for example. Its soft grey Limestone shade, varied New York Blend, or Sandstone color option make a great base for a striking accent row of black Midnight Sky Umbriano pavers to add modern flair and visual interest to a backyard entertaining area, whether it is a staircase, seating wall, or pool fountain. Picking another product in a deep color will add an elegant pop to any structure and adding crisp lines into walls and vertical elements helps to complement a modern home.

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Traditional Brick-Style Warmth

When working with traditional brick-style paving shapes, you can still add an accent into your layout with borders or interesting accent patterns. Start with choosing your red brick, whether it is a bright, modern true brick red, such as Copthorne in Burgundy Red, or one with subdued and subtle variations, such as those offered by Camelot pavers from Unilock. Camelot comes in a Rustic Red that features a warm brown-tinted base with dashes of rose and blue hues to mimic the variations of traditional bricks, and features soft cobblestone-like edges. Warm brick coloring pairs brilliantly with deep charcoal borders and accents such as Courtstone pavers in Basalt or Belgian Blue.


Pavers with Color Variations

If adding a strong contrasting color seems a little extreme for your tastes, or you want a paving design that keeps in the style of an older or more traditionally styled house, look for a product design that naturally has variations in its colorway. For example, Town Hall pavers are cast from original brick street pavers to have a worn, aged shape, and variations in texture as well as color. The Heritage Red and Heritage Clay pavers, for example, combine red brick tones and hints of grey and black. This style of hardscape will give you many variations of color that shift in different lights and times of day, and you have a natural palette of accent hues to choose from when selecting furniture and other outdoor design elements.

The title image features a Courtstone driveway in Belgian Blue with a Burgundy Red Copthorne border.


Inject Color into your Ridgefield, CT, Landscape Design with these Wall Units and Pavers


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