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Incorporating Water Features into your Pittsburgh, PA Hardscape

The introduction of a water feature to your Pittsburgh, PA hardscape adds value and interest to your yard. Whether opting for a fountain, a pond or a waterfall, a water feature can be relaxing and soothing. The sound of running water through your backyard is bound to make you want to spend more time there, and your guests will love it, too. A front yard features adds to curb appeal, welcomes guests and is said to be good feng shui.
But designing and constructing a water feature is not always easy. Do you want to go for a natural look? Or something more sleek and sophisticated? There are endless options when it comes to personalizing your outdoor space with a water feature. To help you decide what your next yard addition will be, we’ll share three great ideas:

Moorish style pond

The Moors are renowned for their beautiful water gardens, and there’s no reason you can’t bring this same flair into your own backyard. Moorish pools and ponds come in all different shapes, with a square design definitely being one of the more striking options. The combination of sandy tones with shades of blue and white is popular and time-tested in Moorish garden architecture. For an authentic look, opt for paving the surrounding area with sandstone or bluestone – Richcliff and Beacon Hill Flagstone are both great concrete alternatives with the look bluestone but the durability desired from surrounds in regular contact with water. Lining the edges of the pool with Brussels Fullnose Coping in Sandstone is a great way to finish off the feature and tie the color scheme together.

Modern waterfall wall

There’s nothing like the hum of a crashing waterfall, reminiscent of natural waterways and woodlands. While certainly striking as large features built from natural stone, flowing into a huge pool, this is not the only available option. For homeowners with neither the space or inclination to have a huge rock formation in their backyard, there’s a great alternative.
Modern waterfall walls can be built from either natural stone or high-quality concrete products with the look thereof, or from striking modern wall blocks. The water streams down into a rectangular pool, which is often built into a patio area. A modern vertical perfect for this is Lineo Dimensional Stone in Platinum. With underwater lights and modern surface textures, these waterfalls blend in perfectly with contemporary outdoor areas.

Sleek square fountain

Fountains may seem somewhat outdated, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Homeowners looking to bring the tranquility of running water to a modern landscape could benefit from a square fountain. The angular shape lends a more contemporary feel to this timeless classic, and would work perfectly with an outdoor space designed around geometric shapes. Rivercrest Wall is a great choice of vertical stone for a square fountain, with its ability to fit into both classic and modern garden designs. This choice mimics traditional stacked flagstone, but when stacked in geometric formations looks cutting edge and unique.

The title image features a waterfall wall built with Brussels Dimensional System with Copthorne accents, finished off with Brussels Fullnose Coping.

Incorporating Water Features into your Pittsburgh, PA Hardscape

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