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Incorporating Vertical Elements into Your Landscape

Incorporating Vertical Elements into Your Landscape

A gorgeous and sophisticated outdoor kitchen island incorporates Rivercrest Wall.


When homeowners think about creating outdoor living spaces, they typically focus first on the hardscape surface itself. They may initially picture a sprawling patio or winding walkway. Or perhaps they envision incorporating a free-form swimming pool surrounded by a clean-lined paver patio. However, focusing only on the horizontal elements can result in a flat, two-dimensional project, especially when it comes to a large, relatively level outdoor living space.

What makes a difference are vertical focal points, like trees and shrubs, beautiful seating walls, shade-providing pergolas, or even an entire outdoor room placed on a different level as the rest of the hardscape. Reference the Unilock Design Idea Catalog for inspiration for introducing vertical elements into your project plan.

Imagine you’re building another home outdoors: a summer home that’s open, airy, and lets you stargaze from the comfort of your lounge chair. This summer home features an outdoor kitchen and dining area, and lounge area — for starters. A serene meditation area could include a soothing water feature that’s enjoyable for the sound it makes and its visual appeal.

Such vertical elements will enhance your outdoor living space by making it more functional, as well as more beautiful.


An Expanded Living Space

Each room inside your home has a unique purpose, but all the rooms are united by a common design aesthetic. You can do the same for your landscape design. One example is an outdoor kitchen and partly enclosed dining room. The kitchen could include built-in seating walls that provide privacy and denote separation. The outdoor dining area could offer more functionality and panache with a pergola overhead.


Retaining Walls for Functionality and Comfort

Retaining walls are multifunctional because of their ability to provide structure, privacy, seating, and vertical variety in your landscape. Built-in seating walls look great year-round, and help you avoid the seasonal hassle of putting large amounts of patio furniture away just to have to bring it out again the following year. A simple, low retaining wall that curves around the perimeter of your patio can function as seating when needed, while also creating a defined gathering space.


Incorporating Vertical Elements into Your Landscape

What’s more inviting than sitting around a fire, sharing stories with friends? This beautiful Estate Wall retaining wall with built-in seating and fire pit encloses a cozy outdoor gathering place.


While uneven terrain adds visual interest, it can significantly reduce the amount of functional space available for designing outdoor rooms. For sloped and hillside properties, retaining walls can help maximize usable space. A retaining wall helps to carve out wonderfully charming lounging and dining spaces while surrounding an outdoor living space with plenty of greenery.

These functional walls also give you an opportunity to create terraces, niches for sculptures, an outdoor fireplace, water features, or fire pit. As a partner every step of the way in the landscape design and build process, Unilock can connect you with Unilock Authorized Contractors in your area who can create the kind of welcoming outdoor living space you will enjoy for many years to come.


Visual Vertical Features

Privacy walls, windbreaks, and visual interest can be achieved in other ways besides rooms and room dividers like retaining walls. Consider incorporating wooden structures, such as trellises, lattice screens, fences, or arbors into your landscape design. In addition to the welcome material diversity this will offer, these wooden elements can also add a splash of color to the landscape by providing vine plantings a place to climb vertically. Fences can be utilitarian or whimsical, depending on whether the desired goal is simply privacy or just a definition of space.


Decorative Wall and Pillars

The Unilock range of wall units features stunning textures and colors to match any home. These units can be incorporated in a number of ways, and are ideal for the construction of low walls. Low walls can add depth to a landscape design and provide a subtle division of the space. Like retaining walls, low walls can also be used as extra seating space when needed. In addition, low walls are ideal for the placement of discreet landscape lighting, which can be embedded into the wall’s surface, mounted on the wall, placed under the wall’s coping, or it can take the form of decorative lighting fixtures atop pillars. Pillars, themselves, are important features to consider, as they can provide the ideal finishing touch to a low wall system. Certain Unilock wall units, such as Rivercrest Wall, feature a Rapid Pillar System, which allows for the efficient installation of pillars.


Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Fire features are a must-have for homeowners who want to add warmth and luxury to their patio. A fire pit provides the perfect central feature for backyard gatherings and can be complemented by matching permanent seating. Unilock Firepit Kits offer convenient assembly and come in a range of styles and shapes. Fireplaces, on the other hand, can act as a wind barrier and have the effect of creating an intimate space that is perfect for enjoying evenings outdoors in comfort. Browse the Unilock range of pre-built fireplaces to find one that perfectly matches your backyard aesthetic.


Take a 3D View

Visit one of our Outdoor Idea Centers to inspire your imagination as you plan upgrades to your outdoor living spaces. At an Outdoor Idea Center, you’ll be able to view real life examples of products and features that match your vision, as well as fully constructed hardscapes to explore and ignite your inspiration. Our friendly staff are also ready to offer advice and answer any questions you may have.


Connect with a Professional

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when planning a hardscape remodel. Connect with a Unilock Authorized Contractor today for help with clarifying your vision and making it a reality. A Unilock Authorized Contractor will also be able to recommend the best pavers and wall units to bring your vision to life. Unilock manufactures beautiful paver and wall products that can’t be found anywhere else, and we would love to help you create a livable oasis for you and your family and friends.

Incorporating Vertical Elements into Your Landscape

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