Incorporate One of These 4 Excellent Unilock Pavers in Your Saratoga, NY Landscape Design | Unilock

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Incorporate One of These 4 Excellent Unilock Pavers in Your Saratoga, NY Landscape Design

Incorporate One of These 4 Excellent Unilock Pavers in Your Saratoga, NY Landscape Design

Unilock pavers are extremely versatile and can be used for almost any application, while delivering style and quality that’s unmatched. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate pavers into your Saratoga, NY landscape design, we’ve got some great tips. These 4 Unilock pavers are great for all around your property. Here’s how to work them into your landscape:


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Reala Surface Technology ensures that each Courtstone paver is individually unique, being cast from hundreds of actual cobblestone pieces. This paver offers an old-world cobblestone look and is perfect for any application, especially heavy-duty residential driveway projects. If you want to create a landscape design with a timeworn feel, Courtstone is an excellent option. Known as the ultimate driveway paver, Courtstone is reinforced using Ultima Concrete Technology from Unilock and offers up to four times the strength of poured concrete.

Courtstone can be also be used as an accent paver on walkways or patios. It contrasts beautifully with Brussels Block, a paver with a warm, tumbled look and hand-chiseled texture. Consider, as an example, using Brussels Block as the main paver for your patio and walkways, and Courtstone as a border. Then use Courtstone as the main paver for your driveway, with Brussels Block as an accent. This allows you to give each space a different look while maintaining a cohesive style.


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Town Hall

A beautiful brick-like paver that comes in a wide array of colors, Town Hall is a great choice for any project. Its shape makes it versatile for areas with intricate laying patterns, such as a basket weave or herringbone pattern. If you’re looking to work with uniquely colored pavers for a contemporary design, Town Hall comes in some striking color options. The deep charcoal of Basalt makes a perfect border or accent paver, ideal for pairing with more lighter colored pavers for contrast. The Heritage 3 Colour Blend combines swirls of grey, red, and taupe for a whimsical look. Town Hall is also compatible with permeable installation methods, which means it can be used to create a surface that allows rainwater to filter back down into the groundwater system. This makes it a sustainable choice for areas with heavy rainfall or places where water needs to be drawn away from your home.



If you need a high performance paver that’s non-slip and stain resistant, Umbriano is the go-to choice. Made with ColorFusion Technology, its surface resembles that of natural granite, and offers rich colors that are resistant to fading. For large scale applications like pool decks or high traffic areas, Umbriano provides a smooth surface that’s safe in any weather. The color choices allow you create any look you desire. Bold contrast can be achieved by combining the lighter color options, such as French Grey or Winter Marvel with deeper tones, such as Midnight Sky. Umbriano’s multiple size options allow you to create a unique pattern suited to your design. Umbriano also features integrated EasyClean Stain Resistance for easy cleanups of spills. Use it as an outdoor kitchen paver to make cleaning up after a BBQ a breeze.


The title image features a Courtstone driveway.


Incorporate One of These 4 Excellent Unilock Pavers in Your Saratoga, NY Landscape Design


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