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Ideas for Adding Color to Your Landscape Design With Pavers and Wall Units In Indianapolis, IN

Ideas for Adding Color to Your Landscape Design With Pavers and Wall Units In Indianapolis, IN


Bring your landscape to life with colorful accents. From pavers to wall units, Unilock offers Indianapolis, IN homeowners the chance to express their true style with beautiful design elements. Go bold with multiple elements or keep it simple with one or two high-contrast features. The following design ideas can be personalized to fit your unique landscape:


Jointing Is a Small Alteration with A Big Impact

Starting from the ground up, Unilock allows you to customize not only the color of your paver patio, but also the jointing sand between the pavers. With pigmented jointing, you can either accent your home’s color palette or make a statement with contrasting color. Choose from between Black, Tan, and Grey Sand according to what works best for your design.


Bring Harmony to Your Design with Wall Accents and Banding

Keep a consistent flow of color throughout your hardscape by adding accents and banding to vertical elements such as pillars, walls, and grill islands. Brussels Dimensional Stone, for example, is available in multiple color options that can be paired together to create interesting accent bands. Alternatively, these wall units can be coupled with pavers such as Copthorne or Town Hall for banding that presents a high level of contrast.


Paver Inlay Rugs

Just like an area rug in a home, paver inlay rugs can help to define a large or small outdoor space. Paver inlay rugs can be placed in front of your outdoor fireplace, or as a central feature in seating areas. This is done by choosing an accent color to create a section of concrete pavers that stands out from the rest. Umbriano pavers are an excellent choice for creating intricate inlay designs that will draw attention and add color to your hardscape design.

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Incorporate Lighting for Ambiance and Color Even At Night

There are many ways to incorporate lighting in your backyard landscape. Ambient lighting, such as the warm glow from an outdoor fireplace helps to create a warm and inviting mood for the area. Lighting can also be inserted along walkways, around borders, beneath the coping of low walls and mounted on vertical surfaces, such as grill islands. Not only will outdoor lighting complement your patio design, it also allows you to continue to use the area safely at night.


Border Pavers Add a Touch Of Color

Are you looking to create a simple yet noticeable touch of color to your driveway or patio space? Paver borders are an excellent option for doing this. When placed along the outer edge of a hardscape space, pavers that complement or contrast the main-field paver can help to make a bold statement without overwhelming the area. Small, brick-like pavers, such as the aforementioned Town Hall or Copthorne pavers are ideal, as are deeply colored pavers such as Courtstone. The important thing when adding borders is that the color scheme gels with the rest of your landscape and home. To ensure that your hardscape design is both colorful and elegant, contact a Unilock Authorized Contractor in your area, today!

The title image features an Umbriano patio, Brussels Dimensional Stone verticals, and a Town Hall walkway and accents.



Ideas for Adding Color to Your Landscape Design With Pavers and Wall Units In Indianapolis, IN


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