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5 Ideas to Add Style to Your Brewster, NY Walkways

A walkway can be as simple as a series of stone slabs laid out amidst the grass. But with a little creativity, you can turn your walkways into so much more, perfectly complementing your home’s overall landscaping. Here are some ideas to consider when planning for a new walkway or redesigning an existing one.

Wind it up

A walkway that leads a visitor down a straight path from say your driveway to the front door, can be a rather unremarkable experience. These types of traditional and formal walkways are best suited for commercial complexes or institutions. Not for a welcoming residential property. Give your home’s landscaping a bit of style by creating a meandering, curvy walkway.
Choosing this kind of walkway design gives you the perception of experiencing the path a new every time. Even if you have a modest-size yard, having at least one curving bend on your walkway will not take up much space and it will style up your outdoor space more than a straight path.

Light it up

Placing lights along your walkways serves a dual purpose; showing the way at night and bringing a bit of style to the party. During the day, these lights can serve as a design focal point in your home’s landscaping. Or, you can take the more traditional approach and try to “hide” the actual path lights so that it’s just the lights folks will see. Either way, lighting up your walkway—especially in the front of your home—is a great way to add both function and style!

Choosing the right material

There are many different material choices that you can use for your walkways depending on your budget and style preferences. Natural stone and concrete pavers are the tow most popular. Natural stone like flagstone and bluestone are perfect for creating a timeless look. Concrete pavers from Brewster, NY hardscape manufacturer, Unilock, offer a ton of design possibilities and a transferrable lifetime warranty. Pavers are a great choice for high traffic walkways like those in the front landscaping.
For a memorable design, consider combining different materials together in the same walkway. For instance, an inlay of natural stone in a paver walkway can look amazing at the base of the front entrance.

Bursts of color

For walkways that lead up to the front door, adding some color will give visitors a warm welcome. The Unilock Select Line offers many different colors and finishes for concrete pavers. Natural stone products also come in a wide range of colors to add pop to your walkway design.

Soften things up

An important element that helps to bring the whole walkway together for your Brewster, NY home, is the plant materials. While stone is certainly beautiful, shrubs, flowers, and perennials planted along the edge of the walkway helps to soften the design and makes for a warmer welcome. Creating a larger flower bed somewhere along the walkway will allow for the planting of a small flowering tree, adding a height element to the overall front yard landscape design.
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