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Ideal Accent Units for your Springfield Fire Pit

Fine details give elegance and sophistication to your Springfield, MA, fire pit. They can make the difference between a dull, sometimes cold appearance and a captivating, colorful, blended design that draws attention. Since choosing appropriate details is one of the last, but no less important steps of your fire pit design, you’ll need the perfect materials to add a refined finishing touch.

Add Color Bands with Brussels Dimensional System

Banding is a great way to create pleasing aesthetics in any outdoor element. The process of banding is similar to bordering in that they both create contrast using bands of units of a different color or texture. The difference being that banding refers to vertical elements, such as fire pits and pillars, while bordering encompasses horizontal surfaces, such as patios.
Including a band of color, such as a dark, complementary shade that is usually placed underneath the coping of the fire pit, will create a striking effect.
A great combination can be to build the fire pit with the Brussels Dimensional System, in the shade Limestone or Sandstone, and then add a band in a dark shade, like the New York Blend, to add contrast to the lighter colors. This tends to bring out the subtle colors of the fire pit and can be used to reflect colors contained in the rest of the hardscape.

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Elegant Coping Options

Coping is one of the best ways to add visual interest to your fire pit. Coping is traditionally used to protect the construction from weather conditions that threaten to damage the blocks over time. With today’s quality design of Unilock units, coping is no longer necessary. However, it is still widely used primarily because it provides a sophisticated touch and visual interest. It’s also great for creating additional seating or a surface on which to prop your feet.
Brussels Fullnose coping and Ledgestone coping are two of the most popular coping options that give a sophisticated touch to any fire pit design. They are both available in neutral, complementary color options.
Brussels Fullnose coping comes in the colors Mocha, Coffee Creek, Limestone, Sandstone, and Sierra that provide a soft, welcoming appearance. This coping option has a rounded edge which is perfect for creating permanent seating around the fire pit. Brussels Fullnose coping is great when paired with Brussels Dimensional System. Other great options are the combination of Ledgestone coping and the modern look of Lineo Dimensional Stone or the aged, timeless appeal of Rivercrest Wall.
Ledgestone is available in two shades, Buff and Grey. Consulting a professional contractor that will help you with color blending will ease the process of choosing the most appropriate shades and patterns for your fire pit. However, both shades are highly compatible with almost any color scheme.

Laying Patterns and Accents

To enhance the look of your fire pit, consider adding accent pavers around it. The reddish Sycamore shade of Beacon Hill Flagstone, for example, creates a natural appearance and a relaxed look that will highlight the fire pit as a focal point. You can also consider laying your patio’s pavers in an interesting laying pattern that will highlight the space surrounding the fire pit.

The title image features a fire pit built with Brussels Dimensional System in Coffee Creek finished with Limestone Brussels Fullnose coping and Copthorne banding.

Ideal Accent Units for your Springfield Fire Pit

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