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How Unilock Patio Pavers Can Revamp Any Backyard in the Warwick, NY, Area

How Unilock Patio Pavers Can Revamp Any Backyard in the Warwick, NY, Area

If it’s time for a backyard upgrade, you’re probably wondering which pavers to choose. It’s one of the most important decisions you will make in terms of visual appeal, practicality, and value. Here’s how Unilock patio pavers can revamp any backyard in the Warwick, NY, area and deliver exactly what you want: a backyard you will enjoy for many years!


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Take Inspiration from Your Home

We all have our favorite looks. Some people adore the charm of brick patios; others love the rustic look of flagstone; and still others want a sleek, modern minimalist look. But some of these, as wonderful as they are, just don’t work with every home. So where should you start? Take inspiration from your home. What is your home’s architectural style? What materials and colors would you like to incorporate into your outdoor spaces? You may want to work with a landscape designer who can help you tie it all together, so that the finished result gives you the feeling that your home and your outdoor living spaces are meant for each other, perfectly complementing each other like peanut butter and jelly.


The next step is to consider function. In an outdoor cooking/dining area, you want to focus on pavers that are stain-resistant and easy to clean. In a pool area, you want to be sure to choose non-slip pavers. Also keep in mind that some pavers are suitable for both pedestrian and vehicular applications—but not all are. Unilock Thornbury pavers are one product that are truly do-it-all, from driveways to patios to pool decks. Ask your landscape designer or your Unilock Authorized Contractor for advice if you would like to carry over your paver design to include your driveway, too, and aren’t sure if the pavers you love are suitable for all applications. In many cases, you will be able to find a lookalike substitute in the Unilock line of products.

Once you’ve decided on a style and the functional features you require for maximum enjoyment of your new space, you can start to narrow your choice of pavers by focusing on colors, textures, and paver sizes, as well as borders and accents. Borders and accents are the finishing touches for your hardscape.

When choosing field and border pavers, pay special attention to scale. You want the scale of your outdoor spaces to match that of the home—not just in the size of the actual space, but the size of the pavers you use. For example, while brick patios are charming, they can be visually too busy for the home if used in a large space. You could save the look of brick for an intimate breakfast patio, and use larger-format pavers for your main outdoor living areas, with brick accents. Large-format ultramodern pavers may look out of place next to a colonial home, but you could soften the look with the right color choice and cobblestone borders.


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Before you make your final choices, try to see your pavers next to the accent/border pavers you’re considering, in various lighting conditions as well as dry and wet. Some pavers change color quite dramatically when wet, and the hue may clash with the rest of the hardscape. For best results, cap your paver choices at no more than three: the field paver, and no more than one or two accent pavers.

Finally, remember to factor in vertical elements and how they will harmonize with the patio pavers you’ve chosen. This includes retaining walls, steps, a fire pit, water features, or even an outdoor kitchen. For best results, you probably don’t want to try matching the materials in your vertical elements to your pavers. Complementary styles and colors could provide the most pleasing effect.


The title image features Beacon Hill Smooth patio pavers.


How Unilock Patio Pavers Can Revamp Any Backyard in the Warwick, NY, Area

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