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How Unilock Natural Stone can Enhance Outdoor Kitchens in New Hampshire

How Unilock Natural Stone can Enhance Outdoor Kitchens in New Hampshire


Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone, along with the help of a Unilock Authorized Contractor will ensure that the outdoor kitchen of your New Hampshire home is ready for luxury cooking and dining. Unilock natural stone is developed using prime technologies that, according to independent lab testing, make natural stone resistant to environmental influences and enhance both the look of the outdoor kitchen and its durability.


Durable Natural Stone Patio Flooring

Link your open-air kitchen to the living area or pool deck of your backyard with a Unilock Sandstone patio and add immediate value to your home. A sandstone patio will not only last as long as your home, but its outstanding colors of Autumn Harvest and Indian Coast will add a pleasing, warm aesthetic to the space. Unilock Natural Stone is unmatched in quality and will lend a feeling of luxury to your outdoors.

Enjoy high-quality Sandstone that features low water absorption, excellent freeze-thaw durability, and flexural strength. Sandstone is an excellent candidate for outdoor kitchen patio flooring because of its ability to withstand heavier appliances and high levels of foot traffic – especially important during summertime.

Being one of the most regularly used areas of the backyard, patios need a high degree of compressive strength, as well as resistance to all types of stains and spills. The latest addition to Unilock Natural Stone offerings is the collection of Unicare Products by United Stonecare. United Stonecare is a company with over 30 years of experience in the field of specialized cleaner and sealer products for natural stone. Stonecare products will make your natural stone kitchen patio easier to maintain, keeping the fun and enjoyment of cooking alfresco alive. Click here to learn more about the benefits of Stonecare for Unilock Natural Stone.


Unbeatable Aesthetics for Outdoor Kitchens

Natural stone is undoubtedly an excellent choice for enhancing the aesthetic of an outdoor kitchen. Among the Natural Stone products offered by Unilock is Unilock Limestone. Limestone is a beautiful option for outdoor kitchens and outdoor kitchen accents. Limestone by Unilock is known for its low water absorption and luxurious, refined appeal. Limestone by Unilock is available in a range of gentle greys to match and enhance your backyard aesthetic.

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Natural stone accents

From pool coping to pillar capping, natural stone adds an exquisite finishing touch to backyard elements. Make your backyard incredible with natural stone accents dotted around your outdoor kitchen and patio. Add Limestone coping to your pool deck, for example, or Sandstone pillar caps to your pillars. Set clear but subtle dividers for your outdoor rooms while maintaining the flow between the outdoor kitchen, dining, and fire pit area with Unilock Natural Stone pavers for borders. Unilock Limestone and Sandstone offer rock-faced Natural Edge coping that adds rugged elegance, or opt for the fullnose coping option as a comfortable option for permanent seating.


Reputable and reliable sources of natural stone

If you are enhancing the look of your outdoor kitchen with natural stone, it is reasonable to want to know more about the methods by which the stones are sourced. With Unilock, you can rest assured that you are using only the highest quality natural stone backed by the Fairstone logo, indicating that the stone is sourced ethically and responsibly according to the strict standards of the Ethical Trading Initiative. This means fair wages, safe working conditions and most importantly, that no child labor is used at any point of the process. Click here to find out more about Unilock natural stone superior processing and ethical trading.

The title image features an outdoor kitchen with Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone flooring and Lineo Dimensional Stone verticals.



How Unilock Natural Stone can Enhance Outdoor Kitchens in New Hampshire


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