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How Unilock Copthorne Pavers Give Your Lebanon, PA Driveway a Traditional Look

If you want a traditional look for your Lebanon, PA, driveway, Copthorne by Unilock is an excellent choice. Copthorne, is a durable, brick-like paver that is suitable for a wide range of applications, and perfect for driveways because of its heavy-duty performance and classic look. Here’s all you need to know about using Copthorne pavers for that traditional driveway you’ve always wanted:

Copthorne is a charming and attractive paver, and as part of the Unilock Elegance collection, is made using multiple patented Unilock technologies. Reala Technology is used to cast the face of Copthorne from real bricks, giving it a realistic brick texture with individual detail and markings. Each piece is unique, offering a varied surface, but offers precise dimensions to allow for a strong, interlocking base. The simple shape makes it possible to lay in any number of patterns, such as a traditional herringbone laying pattern for vibrant character. For that traditional brick look, choose from Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, or Old Oak, all variations of the traditional red brick. These colors can also be combined to form a 3 Colour Blend for an authentic, hand-baked look.

The strength of Copthorne is another advantage to using it as your driveway paver. Made with Unilock Ultima technology, it has up to four times the strength of poured concrete, which means it won’t split, or crack under the pressure of vehicle traffic. The smaller size of the units reduces pressure and distributes weight across multiple units, making it even less likely to break under pressure. We’re so confident in the quality and longevity of Copthorne that it comes with a Transferable Lifetime Guarantee.This means that your traditionally styled driveway will last a lifetime, and since Copthorne offers a timeless appearance, it will never go out of style.

Mix and Match
Copthorne is also widely compatible with other Unilock pavers that present a traditional style, so you can mix and match it for additional visual interest. Brussels Block, for example, is a beautiful paver that resembles quarried and tumbled stone. Available in a palette of gentle natural colors, a Brussels Block border is a great offset to Copthorne’s brick style and coloring, allowing it to stand out without looking too busy. Alternatively, you can integrate Brussels Block as an apron or inlay for your driveway. Copthorne and Brussels Block contrast perfectly with naturalized areas like grass lawns and mulched beds, so incorporating them in combination can help to highlight your softscape.
Copthorne itself makes an excellent accent paver. Consider, for example, using a Copthorne border to complement a Tribeca Cobble or Courtston driveway.

Copthorne is the perfect paver for a traditional driveway that will last a lifetime and never go out of style. Whether you use it as the main paver, or as an accent with other Unilock products, it’s sure to deliver the look you want with unbeatable quality. Check out the latest product catalog for more information on Copthorne, as well as different patterns and combinations you can try.
The title image features a Unilock Copthorne driveway.

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