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How to Perk Up Your Westport, CT, Patio

How to Perk Up Your Westport, CT, Patio


In Westport, CT, Unilock Authorized Contractors are eager to help you renovate your patio exactly the way you envision it. There is a huge range of bold or subtle design elements that you can add to your patio design to give it a fresh new look. The patio is an important gathering point of the backyard, so here are some design ideas to perk it up.


Stunning Wall and Paver Combinations

The best place to start this process is by picking the right combination of pavers and vertical elements. When doing this, staying consistent with a specific style will provide the best results. To execute a sleek, modern looking patio, the Senzo and Series pavers are an elegant choice. Pairing these pavers with Lineo Dimensional Stone for the vertical elements will create a contemporary, linear style fit for sophisticated landscapes. If your tastes lean in the other direction and you prefer a classic style, Town Hall or Richcliff pavers are an optimal choice. These landscaping stones are both manufactured using Reala Technology, which means that these pavers are cast from hundreds of natural stone molds to give you the closest resemblance to real stone. Pair these with Estate Wall verticals to create the classic look you are going for.


Coping for Gorgeous Steps, Seating and Ledges

Now that you have the desired pavers and verticals in mind, creating a functional design with seating, retaining walls and stairs is the second step. Separating your patio into sections can give the appearance of a more spacious patio by keeping the spaces organized. One way to do this is by adding seat walls. These not only give you extra seating for large events, but also create private lounge areas when a comfortable coping option, such as Ledgestone coping, is used. This can help turn your patio area into an outdoor living area. The same coping option can be used to create wide steps. Adding built-in planters, topped with Ledgestone coping, on either side of your staircase will blend your patio with the softscape. For added ambience, water features can be integrated into the walls or placed atop Ledgestone capped pillars to create a soothing centerpiece.


Add an Outdoor Kitchen

Entertaining guests on your patio is one of the most fulfilling benefits of a patio. To make these events more convenient, add a built-in grill and kitchen area to your patio so you never have to leave the company of your guests. Unilock offers several predesigned Grill Islands that will impress your guests.The whole grill area is customizable so you will have no trouble incorporating this into your patio design.

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A Welcoming Fire Feature

Nothing is better than curling up near a fire after a long day. Fire features can turn your barely-used patio into one of your favorite places of your home. You can opt for one of the simple pre-built Firepit Kits offered by Unilock, or if you fancy a more grandiose option, then a prebuilt Fireplace is the right choice for your patio. Unilock pre-built Fireplaces come in 4 styles that are sure to fit any patio theme. From sleek and contemporary to classic and traditional, Unilock fireplaces create a luxurious centerpiece that is adored by all.

Looking for more design ideas? Visit the Outdoor Idea Center, or connect with a local Unilock Authorized Contractor to start designing your new patio today!

The title image features an outdoor kitchen with Richcliff pavers, Estate Wall verticals and Series accents.


How to Perk Up Your Westport, CT, Patio

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