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How to Keep Your Dayton, OH, Retaining Wall Looking Its Best Even Years Later

How to Keep Your Dayton, OH, Retaining Wall Looking Its Best Even Years Later


Retaining walls are a highly beneficial and multifunctional feature to add to your Dayton, OH, landscape. In order to keep them looking their best, it’s important to remember two key factors: light maintenance and high-quality materials.


Maintaining the Wall

The first step to keeping a retaining wall looking brand new is to keep up with regular required maintenance. One of the best ways to display the best appearance possible of a retaining wall is to maintain the landscape surrounding the wall.

Be sure to tend to any plantings that may overgrow or cover parts of the wall. It’s also important to keep your yard well-trimmed around the wall, in order to avoid a messy appearance with weeds and tall grass.

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Choosing Durable Materials

The best and more effective way to keep a retaining wall looking its best is by choosing materials that are durable, high-quality, and long-lasting. With so many Unilock wall options to choose from, you’re sure to find one that meets your personal taste and matches the design scheme of your existing landscape features.

Some of these retaining wall options include:


U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System

This wall system is unique because it offers contrasting stone faces for a sleek and modern appearance. This is a patented system that is exclusive to Unilock and is comprised of Sure Track backer blocks to create an accurate and strong structure, as well as the U-Cara fascia panels that provide freedom of design.


Rivercrest Wall

The Rivercrest Wall option comes in two different color choices. This wall choice provides the natural appearance of stacked flagstone and is ideal for those who aim for a rustic style and appearance. The idea behind a retaining wall using Rivercrest Wall is to create a stacked stone look – one that has been used and admired for centuries.



Retaining walls made with RomanPisa work best for those who prefer a rugged, natural appearance. This wall unit does an excellent job of integrating the feature with the natural elements of the landscape, making it easy to match and design with. RomanPisa is also incredibly durable and stable, requiring very minimal upkeep.


Lineo Dimensional Stone

If you’re aiming for a modern and well-organized retaining wall design, Lineo Dimensional Stone could be an ideal choice for you. This unit is geared toward minimalist walls and other outdoor elements because of its clean-cut design.

With contemporary and sleek lines, this wall option provides a linear, multi-length plank look, and is offered in 3 different color options, Platinum, Sierra, and Walnut, all subtle and easy to match.


Estate Wall

The Estate Wall design offers a natural ledge rock look, suitable for those who prefer natural designs over contemporary. These wall units are highly textured and give off a rugged feel.

The Estate Wall retaining wall option is available in three different color choices, River, Sierra, and Walnut. Each color choice uniquely mimics that of naturally found stone and can transform any landscape into a beautifully designed and eye-grabbing setting. These units are also incredibly durable and require very little upkeep to remain looking their best.

The title image features a RomanPisa retaining wall.


How to Keep Your Dayton, OH, Retaining Wall Looking Its Best Even Years Later


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