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How to Illuminate Your Cincinnati Hardscape with Outdoor Lighting

How to Illuminate Your Cincinnati Hardscape with Outdoor Lighting


Your landscape may look amazing during the day, with the hardscapes and softscapes complementing each other, and skilful effort and design evident in every paver and wall unit, but what about at night? If your backyard isn’t effectively lit up at night, find out how a Unilock Authorized Contractor can help to illuminate your Cincinnati, OH, hardscape with outdoor lighting.


Illuminating Walkways

The great thing about lighting is that you can play with it in any way you want. Whether your aim is to create dramatic silhouettes, highlight focal features, or simply light up a walkway for easy walking, there are lighting options for you. Illuminating your walkways should be one of the first things you consider when thinking about outdoor lighting. This not only shows up the details of your stunning Unilock pavers, such as the richly detailed Stonehenge, and their accents and borders, but is a safety measure as well. When walkways are well-lit, residents and guests alike won’t have to worry about finding their way around your home’s landscape, which gives everyone involved a sense of comfort.

Your Unilock Authorized Contractor will most likely advise you to have your walkway lights facing downwards. This is to reduce the instances of light scattering, and so those traveling along the path won’t have to deal with glare. Lights for walkways and paths can be situated in shrubbery too, to highlight softscapes at the same time.


Illuminating Standalone Structures

One of the ways you can highlight standalone structures like pergolas and gazebos is with LED lights. Consider having these lights elegantly draped on pergolas so long after sundown it’s still a feature you can’t take your eyes off of. Host your gatherings beneath your decoratively lit pergola for a magical experience as stars and artificial light combine. Let strip lights hang from your gazebo, like stationery fireflies. With lighting like this you can continue to use these structures for entertainment or relaxation purposes after dark. As pergolas and gazebos are often positioned in areas away from the rest of your backyard structures, you should also have walkways to these structures well-lit. If pergolas are incorporated into larger hardscapes, such as a pool area, for example, use lighting that complements that used for the deck.


Illuminating Retaining Walls

For retaining walls made from outstanding units, such as the flagstone-inspired Rivercrest Wall, rugged RomanPisa, or contemporary Lineo Dimensional Stone, or Brussels Dimensional Stone to name a few, lighting can be used to highlight these features. Built-in lighting features placed under the coping, can spice up your Cincinnati, OH, retaining walls at night. This kind of lighting adds another layer to their purpose and radiates light in multiple directions for more coverage. Wall length and height play into best placement options, and your Unilock Authorized Contractor will advise you on this. During the day, high-quality Unilock wall units look incredible, and at night with the right lighting, they can become features of interest.

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Illuminating Outdoor Living Spaces

Patios, outdoor kitchens, and dining rooms benefit from lighting. Not only are they bases for entertainment, and usually high-traffic areas, but having adequate lighting means the party doesn’t have to end when the day’s done. There’s no need to go overboard with lighting, as just enough adds a soft glow that will make these spaces even more inviting and visually pleasing. Pillar capstones are great little nooks for placing light fixtures, hanging lights from pillars is also an option. Lighting strips can also be placed under the length of steps and countertops.

The title image features a Stonehenge patio with Brussels Dimensional Stone walls.



How to Illuminate Your Cincinnati Hardscape with Outdoor Lighting

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