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How to Choose the Right Wall Unit to Match with Your Backyard Hardscape in Cincinnati, OH

How to Choose the Right Wall Unit to Match with Your Backyard Hardscape in Cincinnati, OH


Your home is an expression of who you are, and it doesn’t stop at interior design. Hardscapes make a huge contribution to overall property design, and color, style, and feature elements all play a role in determining the results. It’s the same when it comes to choosing the right wall unit to match your backyard hardscape in Cincinnati, OH. Here are some tips on how to do it:


Consider Color and Style

What’s the overall aesthetic you’re going for? Is it a modern, trendy look, or are you more suited to a classic, timeworn style? Keeping your backyard hardscape in line with this will make your property cohesive and pleasing to view from every angle. Signature colors are a great way to make this decision easier, and can transfer from your house’s outer walls and interior, and into the backyard. Lineo Dimensional Stone with its linear multi-plank look, is an excellent choice for a modern feel, while being a complement to various colors, pavers, and surface options.

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What about Space?

This is another factor when choosing your wall units. Take a smaller outdoor space for example, like one in the heart of Cincinnati. Consider adding levels to smaller spaces. This helps to add depth to the area. The human eye may be able to see many things, but it can be tricked with a little tweaking. Try a raised planter, a sunken patio, or an elevated one. Your wall units can add to the façade, briefly separating levels or surrounding the space to create a comfortable, cozy backyard that you can enjoy. Lighter colors make small spaces appear larger, so consider Rivercrest Wall in the Coastal Slate color option, for a rich tone with hints of blue and grey, and a natural stone look that will appeal to any style preference.


Talking Texture

For intriguing texture and unique design, pair neutral or colored tones for breathtaking and interesting results. The same way you could stencil or texture an interior wall, your outdoor wall units can offer texture in this way. Match Pisa2 in Sierra with the Granite color option for a trendy mix of warm and cool.


Think About Other Features

Maybe it’s a pergola with vibrant fabrics, a fire pit surrounded by chic stone seating, or vegetation situated in just the right places for maximum effect. Your choice of outdoor elements can also influence the decision you make when it comes to wall units. There’s nothing wrong with choosing multiple materials of varying styles to work with, as that could even up the aesthetic value of your property. Consider Tribeca Cobble pavers in Crystaline Basalt forming a walkway framed by Granite Romanstack pillars, for a traditional look and feel. Or, combine the natural weathered look of Brussels Dimensional Stone with the classic Brussels Block paver. With so many combinations to create just the right look for your tastes, you can choose from the wide range of Unilock Cincinnati, OH products to get all your wall units and other hardscape elements.

The title image features a Brussels Block hardscape with Brussels Dimensional Stone verticals.


How to Choose the Right Wall Unit to Match with Your Backyard Hardscape in Cincinnati, OH

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