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How To Choose Driveway Pavers That Complement Your Columbia, PA, Home

How To Choose Driveway Pavers That Complement Your Columbia, PA, Home

Since your driveway is often the first impression people get of your home (not to mention that it signals “welcome home” to you and your family), choosing the right driveway pavers is a big decision. Here’s how to choose driveway pavers that complement your Columbia, PA, home.


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What is the look and effect you’re going for?

Consider the impact you want your driveway to have. Do you love the simplicity and clean, uncluttered look of modern pavers? Do you prefer a relaxing, homey aesthetic that reflects the colors of nature? Do you love rustic pavers with uneven edges and “been there forever” appeal?

Take cues from your home’s architectural style, and from the surroundings. You want your driveway to harmonize with your home and landscape.

A Unilock Authorized Contractor can help you achieve a look you love with specific paver colors, shapes, and laying patterns.



It may be tempting to want to match your driveway pavers to the stone siding of your home. However, matching it perfectly can create the situation where the eye doesn’t know where the driveway ends and the home begins. It may be better to complement the stone on your home by using colors just a few shades lighter or darker than the home’s siding, or go for a boldly contrasting look instead.

To make an area feel larger, use light-colored pavers. Use darker-colored pavers to make large spaces feel smaller.

Be aware of how sunlight affects the color and useability of your pavers. Don’t be satisfied with a showroom look! At a Unilock Outdoor Idea Center, you can see pavers outdoors used in real-life applications to see how changing light conditions affect their appearance.

There is also the choice of monotone pavers or multi-colored pavers. Monotone pavers offer a rich and classic appearance, and a solid appearance that can be a great anchor for a landscape design. Multi-colored pavers have two or more color variations within each paver, making it possible to introduce a wider range of highlights and lowlights into the color scheme of your driveway.


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Sizes and laying patterns

In the past, most driveway pavers were relatively small to create a more durable surface which could easily withstand the weight of vehicles (large pavers could crack and chip). This limited the choices homeowners had.

However, Unilock has solved the problem of being stuck with too-small pavers in a number of ways. Firstly, the Unilock DriveGrid System is a geogrid system that offers superior support for driveway pavers, allowing for the use of larger dimensional pavers.

In addition, Unilock driveway pavers offer an impressive standard of strength, allowing for large format driveway pavers, such as Thornbury, while Ultima Concrete Technology has been used in pavers such as Richcliff which gives homeowners a beautiful flagstone look that is 4x stronger than poured concrete.

Thornbury and Richcliff pavers come in multiple sizes that can be laid in random patterns for a fresh and modern look – and with so many available colors, you’re sure to find one that works perfectly with your home. Pair either of these pavers with a stunning accent paver, such as Courtstone, for a complete and well-finished look.

For more driveway paver ideas and options, contact your local Unilock Authorized Contractor today!


The title image features a Thornbury driveway with Courtstone accents.


How To Choose Driveway Pavers That Complement Your Columbia, PA, Home

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