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How Stone Pavers Can Revamp Your Bronxville, NY, Patio

How Stone Pavers Can Revamp Your Bronxville, NY, Patio

Does your patio inspire you? If you look outside and all you can see is something you don’t like—and worse, don’t like to spend time in—a simple patio upgrade can make you love your outdoor space again. Don’t know where to start? Here is how stone pavers can revamp your Bronxville, NY, patio.


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What’s Your Style?

You could get the best results when your pavers complement your home’s architectural style. For a modern home, choose large-format pavers such as Unilock Umbriano pavers with minimal joint lines and contemporary colors.

For a traditional home, choose pavers with history—the kind you see in ancient European cities, worn by weather and centuries of traffic. Unilock Courtstone would give you a timeless cobblestone appearance, Unilock Brussels Block pavers would make you feel like your patio has been transported to Tuscany, and Unilock Town Hall pavers would help you achieve a traditional brick patio. Create added interest by combining these pavers as borders or inlays.

For a rustic or cottage home, use pavers that harmonize with the landscape. Unilock Beacon Hill Flagstone is at home in a waterfront or natural setting. The blended colors help integrate the pavers into the landscape while giving your patio its own character.


What’s Your Color Scheme?

Color is all-important. You don’t need to try to match your home’s existing masonry exactly. Rather, choose pavers a few shades lighter or darker so that your patio looks like its own distinct space. Keep in mind that colors become more pronounced when wet. Before making a decision, get samples that you can see in all lighting conditions and also when wet and dry.


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Think Outside the Rectangle

There’s nothing wrong with rectangular patios, but your design options don’t stop with the space under your feet. Vertical elements like a fire pit, seating wall, planters, or a water feature would give your patio dimension and visual interest. These elements can be created with Unilock wall blocks including RomanWall or Estate Wall.

Pavers also don’t have to be laid in a consistent pattern throughout your entire patio. Altering the laying pattern, such as a 45 degree shift, allows you to create distinct zones within a simple patio.


Different Looks Using Different Paver Sizes

Large-format pavers laid in a simple pattern create a minimalist look. Small pavers laid in traditional running bond or herringbone patterns add texture.

Many pavers come in bundles of random sizes: typically one or two square sizes plus one or two rectangular sizes. This makes for a more relaxed laying pattern, which is very popular today.

Smaller or larger pavers in a contrasting color create a bold bolder. Field pavers laid perpendicular to the field create a subtle border. A finished border is both functional and beautiful: it keeps the field pavers from shifting, and it’s an opportunity for artistic expression.


Shapes and Inlays

Although pavers come in either square or rectangular shapes, smaller pavers such as Unilock Courtstone (a small cobblestone paver) can be laid in circular patterns for a unique custom look. Inlays, using smaller pavers in a contrasting color, are another way to express your artistic flair. For a more traditional look, a simple border using a contrasting pavers adds interest and guides the eye.

Your Unilock Authorized Contractor will be happy to give you more design ideas and recommend the best pavers for your patio renovation.


The title image features a Beacon Hill Flagstone patio.


How Stone Pavers Can Revamp Your Bronxville, NY, Patio


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