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How Paving Stones Can Improve Any Walkway in Smithtown, NY

How Paving Stones Can Improve Any Walkway in Smithtown, NY

As more homeowners embrace the benefits of paving stones for their walkways, many are creating one-of-a-kind walkways that are more than a route from here to there, but are works of art instead. Here are some of the ways in which paving stones can improve any walkway in Smithtown, NY.


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The Look

Inspiration comes from looking at what’s already in place and finding ways to enhance it. The architectural style of your home, existing softscape and hardscapes, and special landscape features will guide you in choosing the look you want to achieve.

One of the ways to enhance your landscape design is to choose the right shape for your walkways. The shape influences how fast people walk; they walk faster on straight walkways and take more leisurely strolls on curved walkways. A curved walkway has a wonderfully soothing effect on modern landscapes with sharp angles and straight edges. A straight walkway is more formal and can add elegance to a casual cottage-like home.


The Paving Stone(s)

You have plenty of choices when it comes to materials and their textures, colors, and sizes. Natural stone or concrete paving stones are the top choices on account of their beauty, durability, and versatility. Unilock offers several types of natural stone, including Sandstone and Limestone, as well as a huge array of concrete paving stones that are perfectly suited to walkways.

For best results, use a consistent theme throughout your hardscapes. You can use different paving stones for each of your hardscapes (your walkway, patio, etc.) but try to unite them. Color is a great unifying theme. When using a single color palette, use different textures, laying patterns, and sizes to give each space its own feel.


The Laying Pattern(s)

Pay attention to the size of your walkway, but don’t be limited by it. A short or narrow walkway doesn’t have to mean using only small paving stones. Large-format stones, especially when laid at 45 degrees to the direction of travel, provide an unexpected touch of spaciousness by minimizing the number of jointing lines.

A modern trend favors large-format pavers that can be laid in a linear fashion or in random patterns. Unilock Artline pavers can be laid in a brick-like running bond pattern to echo a modern home’s clean lines; or you can break up the linear look with a more relaxed, random laying pattern.

Smaller paving stones such as Unilock Town Hall, with the timeless look of brick (but in a slightly larger format) offer even more laying pattern options and a customized look. Small paving stones often achieve a quaint look and pack a surface with a lot of texture.

Unilock paving stones come in random bundles or bundles of specific sizes. This offers incredible versatility, as you can use a bundle of several sizes as your main field pavers and another single, consistent size for your borders.


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Borders and Accents

Here’s where you can really let your artistic side come out to play! A popular border option is to match the dominant color of the home – but that’s just one of many options. If you fall in love with two distinct types of pavers, you can use one for the main field and the other as a border.

Add accents such as circles at the beginning of the walkway and the end; or split the circle and feature half at either end. Other accents include swirls or free-form shapes, diamonds, arrows, contrasting squares, and intricate designs such as a compass or the family’s initial.

Borders and accents can be bold or subtle, and they are the finishing touches that give a walkway its own distinctive personality.


The title image features an Artline walkway.


How Paving Stones Can Improve Any Walkway in Smithtown, NY

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