How Paving Contractors Can Make Your Columbus Property Modern and Functional with Walkways and Pathways | Unilock

How Paving Contractors Can Make Your Columbus Property Modern and Functional with Walkways and Pathways

How Paving Contractors Can Make Your Columbus Property Modern and Functional with Walkways and Pathways


With the design and implementation expertise of a Unilock Authorized Contractor in Columbus, OH, you’ll be able to modernize your property while facilitating appropriate function via walkways and pathways. Four key benefits encourage the use of these walking areas and should be remembered throughout the consultation with your landscaping professional. Here’s how Unilock paving contractors can use walkways and pathways to make your property more modern and functional:


Guide the Flow of Movement

Just as your home’s design directs the movement of guests upon their entrance into the home, your landscape design does the same. With a contrasting color or style paver, you can clearly identify the way those experiencing your outdoor areas should progress. For example, combine the modern look of Umbriano patio pavers with a Town Hall pavers for a design that ensures that the flow makes sense functionally and with safety in mind. The width of the walkway should be kept appropriate and sufficient for all patio furniture and potential guests to the home. From the home to the outdoor kitchen or dining area, to the living space and beyond, the eye and body should follow the pathways laid out in your landscaping design plan.


Separate and Define Outdoor Rooms

A key component of landscape design that becomes amazingly direct with the use of walkways and pathways is defining and separating useful spaces. “Outdoor rooms” are key to modern landscaping, and when a clear differentiation in the type of “flooring” is used, the separation is evident. Whether you choose to add the aesthetic of an Il Campo area rug to your conversation area, a hall between the outdoor kitchen and dining spaces, or any other separation, the difference in definition simplifies a necessary part of your landscaping design intentions. From the placement of outdoor furniture to natural transitions in activity, this definition will facilitate outdoor experiences of your property, particularly when holding social gatherings.

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Engender a Contemporary and Clean Aesthetic

Whether you live in a home that embraces modern architecture or would simply like your outdoor spaces to present a contemporary feel, walkways and pathways can bring a sleek, clean aesthetic to any landscaping design. A plank-inspired choice, such as Artline by Unilock, can help give your path or walkway definition and a contemporary feel. For a truly modern approach, walkways and pathways maintaining ninety degree angles and incorporating a geometric layout are best.


Accent the Landscape for Added Depth of Design

Another advantage, beyond the functional, of incorporating clear pathways and walkways in your landscape design is to enhance the depth of the aesthetic. The addition of a complementary shade, shape, and pattern creates a textural feel to the aesthetic, that when done properly, is effective in improving the overall effect. This element is particularly dependent on the expertise of the design. A Unilock Authorized Contractor will make sure that your landscape is approached with an understanding of the color, architecture, and balance to maintain unity within your landscape.

The title image features an Umbriano patio with Town Hall accents and walkway, as well as Brussels Dimensional System verticals.



How Paving Contractors Can Make Your Columbus Property Modern and Functional with Walkways and Pathways


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