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How Driveway Pavers Can Enhance Any Home in Spring Lake Heights, NJ

How Driveway Pavers Can Enhance Any Home in Spring Lake Heights, NJ

Upgrading your driveway to a paver driveway is one of those “I wish I had done that sooner!” events. Here are some ways that driveway pavers can enhance any home in Spring Lake Heights, NJ.


Curb Appeal

Your home is unique and your driveway shouldn’t look like everybody else’s. There are driveway pavers to complement any architectural style and transform a driveway into something that gets an immediate “wow” reaction the moment someone pulls up to your house. Your driveway can stand out even more with the addition of a contrasting border or other design features such as inlays. Unilock Richcliff pavers give your driveway the unparalleled beauty of natural flagstone—without the hassle of chipping, spalling, or cracking.


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More Value for Your Money

Driveway renovations can be costly, but replacing cracked poured concrete or asphalt with the same materials will only guarantee the need for constant repair and placement, which adds up to a more expensive driveway over time. Properly installed paver driveways are 4x as strong as poured concrete, they hold their color, and the polymeric sand used as jointing compound can easily handle the area’s freeze-thaw cycles. The sand also creates an incredibly stable surface that will not shift or buckle. That means no cracking, chipping, heaving, or fading. Over the life of your driveway, you won’t have to factor in the repeated repair or replacement cost, as you do with poured concrete or asphalt.


Easy Maintenance and Repairs

During the lifetime of a paver driveway, only basic maintenance is necessary. That means just occasional cleaning to remove oil and spills and, if you choose, adding sealant every couple of years (this is optional). The pavers can also be replaced individually should one of them crack or should you need to access underground utilities. In the past, weeds were a concern with some paver driveways. Not anymore! Polymeric sand prevents weeds from gaining a foothold for a weed-free driveway.



Not many people realize just how much rainwater runs off a solid surface driveway (asphalt or poured concrete). This water often doesn’t have a chance to make its way to the landscaping where it can do some good; in severe storms, water flows down the driveway into municipal storm drains—and the impact of this flood from numerous homes can overwhelm the system.

By contrast, paver driveways, especially permeable pavers, allow rainwater to seep through to the substrate below, which then disperses the water slowly back into the aquifer. Permeable pavers aren’t actually permeable themselves: The joints between the pavers are larger, and special substrate is used for a greater water collection capacity.


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Asphalt driveways in particular get blazing hot in summer, and tend to ice over in winter (concrete does too, but to a lesser extent). The heat effect can be mitigated by choosing lighter colored pavement, but the ice problem can only be solved in two ways: permeable pavers, which allow snowmelt to seep into the ground, or heated driveway systems—the ultimate luxury, but also the ultimate in safety. Pavers are perfectly suited for electric snowmelt systems and also hold up better to salt and other deicing chemicals than asphalt or poured concrete.

A paver driveway gives your home an upscale and sophisticated look, but as you can see, it is also much more practical than poured concrete or asphalt. If your lackluster or aging driveway is begging for a makeover, consider concrete pavers from Unilock.


This title image features a Town Hall driveway.


How Driveway Pavers Can Enhance Any Home in Spring Lake Heights, NJ

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