Here’s Why You’ll Want to Opt for Unilock Stone Pavers for Your Patio Project in New Paltz, NY | Unilock

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Here’s Why You’ll Want to Opt for Unilock Stone Pavers for Your Patio Project in New Paltz, NY

Here’s Why You’ll Want to Opt for Unilock Stone Pavers for Your Patio Project in New Paltz, NY

Thinking about a new paver patio is an exciting prospect that can also be a little overwhelming at first. There are so many wonderful choices! Many homeowners prefer the timeless look of natural stone, so here are the reasons Unilock stone pavers would be a great choice for your patio project in New Paltz, NY.


Natural Stone Vs. Concrete Pavers

You have two big choices to make when considering your stone options: whether you want true nature stone or a very close replica of it. Unilock natural stone offers the real thing in Sandstone or Limestone.

Independent lab testing confirms that Unilock natural stone has extremely low water absorption, which means high freeze-thaw durability and flexural strength. Unilock natural stone comes in a variety of colors and textures to suit any architectural style. Choose from vibrant hues or subtle tones and add borders and accents to create a one-of-a-kind outdoor living space.


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One drawback to natural stone is its imprecise nature (some stones are thicker than others, for example), but Unilock natural stone is precisely calibrated for uniformity, which makes installation easier and more cost-effective. Each stone, even from the same quarry and same batch, will have unique characteristics and its own “face.” The beauty of a natural stone patio is that these individual differences combine to make a wonderfully rich, character-filled living space.

Unilock offers Sandstone in three warm, earthy colors and Limestone in three sophisticated shades of gray. Both are available in large-format sizes, which add a modern flair to any space.


Choosing Unilock Stone Pavers

One drawback to using natural stone is availability. You may not always be able to obtain stone that is a good color match if you want to add on to an existing stone patio. Unilock sources its supply from a global network of partners to ensure consistent availability and reserves. This commitment includes quality packaging, careful inspection, and professional shipping and logistics. However, you may find that Unilock concrete pavers are a better choice for your patio project as consistency is never an issue.

You can achieve the exact look of natural stone but gain a more cost-effective option and a longer-lasting surface for your patio by choosing concrete pavers from Unilock. You can also achieve a more environmentally friendly patio by opting for permeable pavers, which enable rain and snowmelt to seem into the ground—so you won’t end up with pools of water and your municipal wastewater system won’t get overloaded.


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Moreover, Unilock stone pavers require very little maintenance. Simply wipe up spills and regularly sweep leaves, grass clippings, and other debris from the surface to prevent stains. Once a season, inspect the jointing compound and refill as necessary to prevent weed growth. Although it’s not required for Unilock pavers, regular sealing can preserve the look of your pavers on day one. It’s also good to know that the reliability and durability of our stone pavers are able to withstand the effects of constant sun or rain—and last for a long time. We stand by our products with our transferable lifetime guarantee.

For design ideas, watch the Unilock project ideas video and talk to your local Unilock Authorized Contractor to build a one-of-a-kind stone patio you and your family and friends will enjoy for many, many years!


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Here’s Why You’ll Want to Opt for Unilock Stone Pavers for Your Patio Project in New Paltz, NY


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