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Here's Why Paving Contractors Recommend Unilock Products for Troy, Rochester Hills, Fort Wayne Landscapes

Your landscape is that special place where you can connect with your friends and family and enjoy the outdoors. To ensure the best experience and make sure your patio, driveway and other hardscaped areas exceed expectations, paving contractors recommend Unilock products for your Troy, Rochester Hills, or Fort Wayne, IN, landscape. And with good reason. Unilock products offer a number of huge advantages over other materials, not least of which being their extreme durability and stunning good looks. Here’s why paving contractors are quick to recommend Unilock products for your outdoor design.

Unilock Concrete Pavers Trump Other Materials

Concrete pavers have evolved greatly in the last ten years, with major advancements in design and structural strength. Concrete pavers from Unilock provide style, quality, rich texture and an absolutely massive range of color options. Essentially, Unilock pavers offer a combination of the highly sought after aesthetic of natural stone and the performance benefits of high strength concrete. Other benefits of pavers include unlimited design options, extreme resistance to cracking, flaking, shrinking and expanding. They’re also easy to maintain and create a highly flexible surface. In the case of a paver needing replacement, they can be easily lifted and swapped out. Unilock offers the most sophisticated products on today’s market, representing the leading edge of paver design.

Cutting Edge Technology Ensures Longevity

EnduraColor Plus is a Unilock proprietary technology that delivers a colorfast, wear-proof finish by embedding a blend of high-performance minerals right into the surface of the stone. This ensures that the vibrant color of your pavers won’t fade as a result of sun exposure and weather conditions over time. Unilock also employs a process called EasyClean to protect your pavers against dirt and oils. This process creates an impenetrable shield that not only protects your pavers but makes the cleaning process easier. These are just some of the unique solutions that Unilock has developed to ensure the highest quality paver imaginable.

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Transferable Lifetime Guarantee

Unilock offers a Transferable Lifetime Guarantee to every product, showing their commitment to the customer, and assuring quality and strength. In fact, Unilock was the first concrete paver manufacturer in North America to offer this type of guarantee. And we’ve kept our word even with over 10 billion Unilock pavers now installed.

Outdoor Idea Center in your Area

Unilock has made the creative process of building your own landscape a whole lot easier. By visiting a Unilock Outdoor Idea Center, you will find inspiration for your landscape design and a unique opportunity to see finished outdoor designs with the products in action. This gives you the chance to pick sizes, compare colors and shapes, feel the textures, and decide on styles and designs.

Great Customer Support

When choosing Unilock for your landscape, you are not only receiving a product. You also get the full support from a professional staff that understands the ins and outs of a landscape project and the materials required to do so. From questions regarding your selection, to providing assistance with any difficulties encountered during or after the construction process, our staff is here to help.

The title image features a Beacon Hill Flagstone paver patio in Bavarian flanked by Pisa2 retaining walls.

Here’s Why Paving Contractors Recommend Unilock Products for Troy, Rochester Hills, Fort Wayne IN Landscapes


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