Heavy-Duty Retaining Wall Units for Heavy-Duty Solutions in Glen Cove, NY | Unilock

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Heavy-Duty Retaining Wall Units for Heavy-Duty Solutions in Glen Cove, NY

Heavy-Duty Retaining Wall Units for Heavy-Duty Solutions in Glen Cove, NY


Sometimes a retaining wall needs to be more than just a design element. It needs to stand up against weather, provide drainage solutions, support heavy soil loads and perform other heavy duty applications. In Glen Cove, New York, Unilock wall units have the durability you are looking for when adding a heavy-duty retaining wall unit to your landscape. There’s no need to sacrifice design for durability when considering the following choices, because Unilock is dedicated to giving homeowners both aspects.


Concord Wall

The first step is to decide upon the style and design of your outdoor living area. This step will help you narrow down product options. For example, Concord Wall is a preferred choice for traditional designs that require heavy-duty support. This wall unit features an setback design which gives it heavy-duty resistance. These wall units are also extremely versatile, allowing you to create both straight and curved retaining walls in order to conform to your landscape’s geometric theme. Concord Wall is available in three colors – Almond Grove, Granite, and Sierra – and many different sizes that are ready for you to mix and match. All this while remaining practical and affordable for both commercial and residential applications.

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Perhaps you have a rustic design in mind. A rustic landscape requires rich and worn textures. RomanWall does a perfect job of this. RomanWall offers a Split and Weathered surface texture that captures the authentic character of aged rock. RomanWall is ideal for pillars, retaining walls, seat walls and steps, and offers its own rammed coping unit for a uniform appearance.



SienaStone draws its incredible strength and stability from its squat profile and heavy weight. At 7.25″ tall per unit, and a standard size of 39.375″ X 19.625″, SienaStone is able to support incredible pressure. In addition, each unit weighs around 450 lbs ea., ensuring that not even the toughest applications are a match for this wall stone. SienaStone once again presents a split and weathered surface texture, and is available in the widely compatible colors of Natural, Granite and Sierra.


Durahold and Durahold2

There are two last options for applications that require maximum strength and durability. Durahold retaining wall units can be built up to 25 feet tall and are designed to last. This expertly engineered wall unit is available in a versatile natural color and comes in many different unit shapes and sizes. This particular retaining wall is preferred for large-scale residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Durahold presents the perfect alternative to poured concrete retaining walls. Durahold2 builds on the versatility offered by Durahold, by providing an extended size range of smaller units. This makes Durahold2 perfect for jobs where speed and efficiency are crucial. Durahold2 is also an economical solution for low walls in public or commercial spaces.

The choices do not end here. Discuss more options for your retaining wall project by contacting your local Unilock Authorized Contractor today or visiting your local Unilock dealer!

The title image features a SienaStone retaining wall.

Heavy-Duty Retaining Wall Units for Heavy-Duty Solutions in Glen Cove, NY

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