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Hardscaping Techniques for Functional Outdoor Living Spaces in Peekskill, NY

Hardscaping Techniques for Functional Outdoor Living Spaces in Peekskill, NY

A beautiful and useable outdoor living space can make all the difference for summer fun. With these hardscaping techniques for functional outdoor living spaces in Peekskill, NY to inspire you, you could be ready to host an unforgettable backyard party this season!


What makes a space functional?

It all boils down to one word: ease. How easy is it to get to access an outdoor area? How easy is it to be in that space (for example, enjoying a book without the sun blazing in your eyes)? How easy is a space to look at, and how easy is it to use?


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Know how you’ll use the space

Do you love to grill and entertain? Relax with a glass of wine and a good book? Play with the kids? Throw the ball for the dog? All of the above? Knowing how you envision spending time outdoors is the first step to laying out a hardscape plan that will work for you.


Connect the dots

Consider giving each function, or activity its own zone. By understanding the relationship of your activities to their location, and traffic flow between each zone, your hardscape can be better laid out to suit your lifestyle. This will also help you to decide on key points, such as how close your outdoor kitchen should be to the house, whether your fireplace should be in a tucked-away corner or close to the kitchen, and whether you prioritize open views, or privacy and a sense of intimacy. All of this can be achieved in a single spacious paver patio broken up with subtle border pavers, such as Brussels Block… or with a series of interconnected outdoor rooms – a visually interesting use of space that allows you to use plantings and seating walls to define spaces and connect various areas with beautiful walkways.


Maximize space, minimize clutter

If you host big parties, incorporate seating walls around your kitchen and dining area to define the space, add visual interest, and serve as overflow seating that keeps the space clutter-free. U-Cara Multi-Face is ideal for this purpose and comes with a range of fascia panels to match the exact aesthetic your aiming for. Try the Smooth Face option, for example, to enhance a minimalist aesthetic and add a modern touch to your patio.


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Have enough space for what you will actually do

Space is especially important for outdoor kitchens. Have you ever tried to cook in a kitchen with too little counter space, or counter space that’s cluttered with small appliances? For outdoor kitchens, include plenty of work space, as well as enough room for multiple cooks to work side by side. Furnish your outdoor kitchen with a spacious Estate Wall or Lineo Dimensional Stone Grill Island, to allow plenty of workspace. Use Series accents to add that extra touch of character to the area.


Choose the right materials

Choose the right hardscape materials that are functional and beautiful. Remember ease: easy on the eyes, easy to use, and easy to maintain. Unilock offers a dazzling range of pavers and wall products to create a stunning and user-friendly outdoor living spaces. Consider the powerful strength and authentic beauty of Richcliff pavers, for example. Or go with the EasyClean benefits of Umbriano pavers, which feature a realistic granite-like appearance.


The title image features a Richcliff outdoor kitchen with an Estate Wall grill island incorporating Series accent.


Hardscaping Techniques for Functional Outdoor Living Spaces in Peekskill, NY

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