Hardscape Indianapolis IN

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Hardscape Indianapolis IN

Hardscape Indianapolis IN

Premium Hardscape Pavers and Walls for Homeowners in Indianapolis, IN

Hardscape installations can do wonders to improve the usability and attractiveness of your residential landscape in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can have pavers and walls installed to serve functional purposes, such as if you want a patio for entertaining guests or want a retaining wall for preventing soil erosion. Or, you may want to have hardscape elements installed simply for their visual appeal, such as to upgrade the entranceway of your home to provide a warmer welcome to your guests. Whatever goals you may have for your hardscape installation, choose Unilock’s premium pavers and walls to ensure your complete satisfaction with your investment.
Known for producing a diverse selection of pavers with unparalleled beauty and strength, we surely have the ideal products for your hardscape project in the Indianapolis, IN, area. Popular applications of our pavers include:

  • Outdoor patios – Our pavers with EasyClean™ stain resistance will allow you to clean up spilled food or drinks before a stain develops.
  • Driveways – Pavers with Ultima™ concrete technology have up to four times the compressive strength of concrete, which makes them ideal for supporting the weight of heavy vehicles.
  • Pool decks – Our pavers’ non-slip surfaces, light color options that stay cool in the heat, and resistance to damage from pool chlorine make them an excellent choice for hardscape areas surrounding pools.

If you want to give your hardscape application a truly cohesive feel, also consider incorporating vertical elements, such as seating walls, steps, grill islands, and waterfalls. Like our pavers, our wall stones can resist a full range of weather conditions to remain beautiful and structurally sound for a lifetime.
For a free estimate from a qualified hardscape professional in the Indianapolis, IN, area, contact Unilock today. We’ll gladly connect you with a Unilock Authorized Contractor who can bring any vision you have for your residential landscape to life.

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